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    Wow, completely missed this post when you posted it. Thanks kdp100. that's really cool. If i did customise I'd probablty repostion the arms anyway. Take the weight into the center of the body. Then if that failed i'd just find some way to get it on a stand. Realy nice though. thanks again.

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    You're welcome!

    I'm at a loss, though, to explain how a creature with arms like that could:
    a) Tie the fastenings on its skirt;
    b) Hold the drinking-glasses that came with it.

    Answers on a postcard....?
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    Like any good preying mantis she has a headless husband to wait on her hand and foot!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    And why would a large preying insect need a skirt anyway? Hmmmmm....

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    Jargo just because she is a bug does NOT mean a lady must have no sense of modesty or decorum. For that matter --- why is hammerhead always dressed? I mean just look at those hands! What could he possibly be hiding under those robes . . .

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    I dunno Mark, a sticky bun perhaps.....? :shrug:

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    Re: Never thought I'd see it

    i never thought of seing star wars animated figs


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