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    Never thought I'd see it

    I know this happens in the states all them time but look at this

    He's got the gunship for 65 too. I just wasn't expecting to see this in the UK!!!
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    Could be worse

    At least there not up for that much. 50 for the gunship and 25 each for the compactor sets is probably only ~10 more than TrU will sell them for, given their innovative dollar to sterling conversion rate (Remember the AT-AT) and I've seen the gunship in FP for about 45 so not that far off.
    Still it's a slippery slope hopefully we'll never get to the point where we have blatant rip-off merchants like the silver R2 woman on US e-bay. She had like a case of 32 selling for $900 or something didn't she. Madness.

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    Gawd, I bet here ears were burning - I know the saga forum ripped into her something chronic.

    Oh well, I'll sit patiently waiting for my R2DToys delivery in two weeks.
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    Cheap at twice the price. I bet these go fast. Personally I'll wait for the cheaper general release where each set will probablt retail at 10-12 quid each. As much as I love the lok of the trash compactor sets I don't think I'd be tempted to pay that much for them. hasbro have said themselves that these are going to available widely in the new year. As for the gunship, that's only a few dayts from release generally in the UK really. If it was the arena playset I could understand someone trying to get a few squid for an early showing on it. I mean that's what, a whole month off release. And that's like sooooooooo long to wait......

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    I think I'll wait, too.
    Mind you, I have bought from this chap on more than one occasion and I can confirm that he's one of the best eBay sellers I've come across!
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    Yeah, I've seen a few sales of his before now when I've been hunting stuff, although I've never resorted to EBAY. Somehow i just don't trust the whole process and loathe the idea of bidding on any item. To lose an auction would be too annoying. I'd rather stick to e-tailers who have enough stock to go round. Guaranteed purchases make me happy. :happy:

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    Ive bought 37 items on e-bay, all star Wars and had no hassle, it can be fun but really is annoying when you get outbid at the last minute.....but good when you do the same back Hee! Hee!

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    I am very impatient and (9 out of ten) choose the buy it now option. Avoids all the out-bid anguish cause I'm a sore loser...

    Without Ebay I'd not have 60% of the stuff I've got. It's been great for filling in those gaps.
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    I have also got alot of my stuff off ebay.

    Alot of it, I have never seen in collector stores anywhere (e.g Jedi Con C-3PO).

    Many a time have I been outbid at the last minute, and always by only 50p - 1.

    I was for many years after a Theatre Ed Luke Jedi, always outbid, very frustrating. Still I managed to get one privately from a guy in the Netherlands at a fraction of the UK price.

    My searching through ebay, still goes on. Kinda addicted to it.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    A cup of coffee,some biscuits and that's me ready for an hour or so looking through the figures on ebay......VERY addictive


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