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    Lightbulb Droid escape

    A few years ago I bought the Droid Escape battle pack(I'm not sure of the number). I only recieved four mini-figures with min:vader,r2-d2, c-3po,and a sandtrooper. But I've seen pictures of an escape pod with the same package that also comes with a power droid.What's the deal with that? I want a power droid figure
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    Hi Mattewilw,

    The first release of the Battle Packs 1 to 8 were available for a short time with an additional figure pack-in.
    Here is the list :
    BP #1 - Yoda
    BP #2 - Imperial red guard
    BP #3 - Ponda Baba (cut arm)
    BP #4 - IG-88
    BP #5 - Skahtul (Chewbacca bounty hunter)
    BP #6 - Barada
    BP #7 - EG-6 (Power dro´d)
    BP #8 - Weequay

    You can see pics of the figures here :

    And this excellent website will give you lots of informations :
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    Thanks sicqnus !

    A direct link to the

    Battlepacks page


    You can still find these "extra" figure battlepacks on ebay for a reasonable price.....and if you look for it, look for
    Rebel Escape instead of Droid Escape. They changed the name on this one when the took out our little droid.
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