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    Smile Wich ship do you want to be produced ?

    Here is a list. It is not exhaustive then you'll have to complete and tell me what is the ship you really want to see produced in the future.

    Tie Phantom (EU)
    Eclipse class Capital ship (Clone Emperor's ship - EU)
    Mon Cal "Mon Remonda"
    Mon Cal "Home One"
    Mon Cal "Liberty"
    Galofree freighter (Rebel fleet carrier)
    Nebulon B Imperial frigate (Rebel Medical frigate)
    Interdictor class destroyer
    Z-95 headhunter
    X-Wing Red-1 (leader -If somebody knows the name of the pilot who spoke to Luke before the Death Star Attack...)
    X-Wing Red-4 (idem)
    Naboo Royal cruiser (flying wing - AOTC)
    Federation Core ship (AOTC)
    Valorum's blue shuttle (Episode 1)
    Carrack class cruiser (EU)
    Mara Jade's "Fire" ship (EU)
    Neimodian shuttle (Ep1 - AOTC)
    Geonosian fighter (AOTC)
    Palpatine's Republic cruiser (Episode 1)
    White Tie fighter
    Coruscant airbus
    Coruscant freighter (AOTC)
    Naboo spaceport shuttle



    I'm really exited to know there will be a Mon Cal cruiser produced (at last !!!). Please tell me how do you think we could win this galactic war without our Capital ships ??? The Mon Calamari are the second most important species in the trilogy and except for the three MM, nothing has been produced until now in AF, CF, even in Models (???).
    At last we may have an opportunity to attack the Death Star.

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    Raptor transport with twin opening cargo doors for rebel troopers to be loaded into :-)

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    I would absolutely love a mist hunter with and opening cockpit at least. And the cockpit canopy should be black, not clear like they did with the Imperial shuttle
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    most wanted

    I would love a new shuttle with opening ramp and a little better in size- I love anything that has ramps and can be deployed with troops

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    yes ,a ramp for the shuttle would be sooo amazing ... also there should've be a ramp in the at-te plus a mini cargo hold with a few seats to place some troopers :-)!!!

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    1) A Yuuzhan Vong Coralskipper
    2) Yuuzhan Vong Worldship
    3) Yuuzhan Vong Warrior BP
    4) Scimitar Assault Bomber
    5) Chiss Clawcraft

    Those are the top 5 on my list right now. But, I only want them made the right way. THAT MEANS WITH MINI-FIGURES.
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    In no particular order:

    - Naboo Royal cruiser (flying wing - AOTC)
    - Nebulon B Imperial frigate (Rebel Medical frigate)
    - Neimodian shuttle (Ep1 - AOTC)
    - Coruscant airbus
    - Valorum's blue shuttle (Episode 1)
    - Dash Rendar's Outrider (EU - I don't care if it wasn't listed in the opening list! )
    - Starspeeder 3000 (EU - ditto)

    I'm not sure Red Leader had a character name beyond "Red Leader", though I bet EU has given him one.
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    Aw, Sicqnus, where's the fun in postin when you go and post them all up front :angry:

    Here's mine - although FWIW JT and I are on the same page;

    G-type Nubian Senator ship from opening scenes. I'd particularly like it if they added 4 mini-mini N1s to slot into the wings á la EP2 ICS. They gave us a freebie MTT with the fantasmagoricalaloopymaloola Neimoidian LC so they could..... in place of figures, anyhow

    Nebulon B Frigate. Just make it already

    Outrider. Is it really EU? I thought someone (JT?) said that it was speeding out of Mos Eisley in ANH SE. I always assumed it was Outrider.

    Medium Transport - Playset is coolla ma lullah but I want it in AF

    Weird spikey ship/large speeder that flies behind Qui Gon, Jar Jar, 3P0 and Padmé as they walk into Mos Espa.

    The red speeder that stupidakin doesn't take at Coruscant when they're all lined up. C'mon who would go for a pasty yeller one?

    Lastly and most importantly, I would like a complete resculpt of the B-wing, for obvious reasons.


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    Knights of the Old Republic BP- I'd love a couple of the Old Republic Soldier
    AOTC Jedi Knights Bp
    Seperatist Droid BP
    Clone Trooper BP
    Storm Trooper BP
    Endor Troops BP
    Hoth Troops BP
    Dooku's Solar Sailer ( one that can hold figures )
    Republic AT-TE ( one that can hold figures )
    Slave II
    Imperial Strike Cruiser Eidolon
    Crimson Empire BP
    Imperial TIE Scout
    Imperial & Rebel Pilots BP
    TIE Phantom
    Imperial Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer
    Guri's Stinger
    Dash Rendar's Outrider
    Jango Fett's Slave-1 ( With a mini Jango Fett figure )

    You know what, instead of listing what I want. I'll sum it up like this. Anything Star Wars. All ships and ALL FIGURES.
    "I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango Fett


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    I would like to see every ship made in the SW universe in both AF and Micro. The more the merrier!

    Darth Carlos

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