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    Ephant Mon Question

    I was wanted everyones opinion. Should I wait and hunt for ephant mon to hit the stores, or should i pay 20 bucks for it? Will it be very hard to find? Thanks

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    Today I had the opportunity to pay 15 bucks for one, and passed. Just be patient, it should be in stores and not be too rare, within a month or two.
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    Just wait, nothing will be hard to find this year. Patience, my friend, patience. It will show up.
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    And if you want, put a want request in your signature. If you can't find him by January, then consider other methods. But chances are, you'll find him in stores, or you'll find someone here who will trade or sell to you at around $5 retail value.

    I'm aching for this figure, but I know I'll find him soon.
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    thanks to evryone who replied

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    I found at least half a dozen in Kmart tonight, so don't waste that extra $$$ on aftermarket prices, that's my opinion.
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    I agree, just wait. Look at how many Ellorrs Madaks are floating around.

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    hmmm, i'll have to say spend the money if you live in canada, cause we're not getting this figure at all.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Below his name it reads "Portland, Oregon".


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