OK, sorry Hasbro. I'm not a GI Joe collector, but I am a historic war movie fan: like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, etc.

So I can't make my own realistic looking diorama of the Vietnam War? Wanna bet?

With the new 12" Imperial NAVY Officer, the 3 Death Star Troopers / Imperial ARMY Officers I bought, and some Endor Rebel Soldiers, I could have quite a fight going on!

I could smear some camouflage paint, or pretend like they used mud out of necessity in some off-camera, great fight to survive during the Battle of Endor...

NO STORMTROOPERS! NO EWOKS! and No crazy Corellian General out of uniform!

And I got it - a segment of the Battle of Endor that did probably happen, but which could look to the unscrutinizing eye like I also made a very stunning set up of Viet Nam without collecting GI Joes!

So if they make a few 12" Endor Soldier types, or at least one I could pretend has "gone Rambo," I'd be set!!!

Who wants a 12" Endor Rebel Soldier????