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    Just curious to see if any of our forumites have ever been to any of our country's LaserTron gaming centers?

    We have one here in Western New York and I find myself addicted to the game. Basically, about twenty people or so are split into two teams and are given these proton-type packs that have sensors on the front and back of your chest. There are also two small sensors on your shoulder. These sensors are the places you are to aim and shoot your laser gun at.

    Your team then is taken to a special playing area that is divided into two colors, green and red. You are to defend the base of whatever color team you are on or storm the base of the team of the opposite color. There are targets on the base that you have to hit to earn big points. You can also earn points by hitting the sensors of your opponent. You play three seperate games in all, or if you have the energy and stanima, you can play six.

    It is a very challenging and fun game, especially when you go with a group of your friends. At the end of the game, you get a logistical read of all the hits you've had against your opponent, which one, where did you hit them, how many times you were hit, how many base hits did you get, etc.

    I know a lot of gaming centers and places have something similar to LaserTron, however they seem to be of a lower quality. I don't think there are many LaserTrons in the country anymore, I remember seeing a list of their other locations, and I only remember seeing one in Florida and Tennessee. If you have one in your area, I highly recommend that you go and check it out!
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    Sounds like the LaserTag from the 80's. I think most if not all of those establishments have shutdown around here.
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    They've got some kind of laser thing at Kings Island here.
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    I'd heard that a few of the older laser tag places where still around. LaserTron sounds a lot like the old Photon centers ... we had one here in Southern California (fountain valley) ... it's a Sam Ash music store now. Considering that they opened it the same year I started college (oh sheesh I feel old now) ... I have no idea why we didn't go there. (I'd probably just have a heart attack now.)

    Here's a link to the history of Laser Tag over at the ILTA Web site ... (hah, look at the inspiration for the game.)

    International Laser Tag Association

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    sounds like Q-ZAR from around here... the difference from photon and laser tag being THEY supply the equipment, instead of you having to buy it yourself...
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    Thanks for all the information and research plastic. Not surprising to see what was behind the inspiration for Laser Tag.

    I also do recall getting a Laser Tag set for Christmas when I was six years old. I don't recall getting much use out of it. Now I wish I had saved those guns and sensors.

    For those who have some sort of Laser Tag game around your area, I suggest you take a try at it. It has all the fun of hunting and shooting without the violence and killing!
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