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    New packaging for 2003

    I have heard that there will be new packaging for figures when 2003 comes. I also heard that the last figures for this year are the Destroyer Droid and the new Yoda. Has anyone else heard about this?
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    The packaging will remain exactly the same, from what I have heard. Except for the new numbering system of '03 being used instead of '02. And the #'s will start over with 01 as well. There has been no rumors of card changes, even the trash compactor screen scenes use blue boxes.

    Since the Destroyer Droid: Geonosis Battle and Yoda: Jedi High Council are supposed to be released in late Nov./ early Dec., I would say it's probably pretty likely. There is also the Battle Droid (red), that is coming then also. Though some of the 2003 figures could turn up early.

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    oh yes I forgot the Red Battle Droid, I just saw some on E-Bay, so I am glad that they will be out soon.
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    It would be nice to change the color scheme and get rid of the crappy Photoshopped swirls and starbursts. Even a different shade of blue would be nice. After so much merchandise in 2002, a refresh would be welcome.

    I can imagine that to many, the Saga packaging just isn't interesting anymore.
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    Yep. The appeal of the blue packaging has completely gone for m now. Its just boring to look at, and to be honest, I think a lot of amateurs could do better.
    If they do decide to change the packaging, I hope they keep using a big central bubble, but change the colours to sometihng darker and moodier. Perhaps even some imperial or industrial stylings.
    I'd also prefer them to avoid using one character's image on all the packaging (like Darth and Obi in POTJ and Maul in EP1).
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    I like the blue, but I do think the icey mountains are a bit much, what's the idea of them?
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    I've also heard that the cards will be exactly the same, apart from the numbering system.

    I would have liked to have seen a new color sceme, but same style card.

    Unfortunately, the 2003 range will still be classed as SAGA, so we will probably have to put up with the current sytle.

    Mind you, they did have 2 colours with the POTF2 range.
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    i like the simple design and packaging currently in use.

    plus blue is my favorite color.
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    But even if you do like the current packaging, don't you think its time for a change? Haven't you seen enough of it already?
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    i'm sure it will be changed eventually, but still i like the design at least more than any other so far.

    i wonder what the design will look like come EP3 ?
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