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    Score!!!!(at target)

    All i need is ephot to be current so i went to target to sse what they had.

    They had figs on sale for 2.99.When i looked closer all the figs were old first wave figs that had been in the stockroom.I picked up r2 with insert,obiwan with insert,padme with insert and mole.And they were mint.(i had them all,but need them with inserts)so all i need with inserts now are plo koon and battle droid.

    so i asked a person that works there and they had more in the back.It was stiff i already had but it was cool to get some insert figs(all i need is battledroid and plo koon to have all the figs with insert).

    So why have they been back there so long(i'm cool with it cause i piced up some cool inserts and padme with the mole/insert)

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    Too bad about Ephant Mon!!! I'm sure he's at or near the top of many of our want lists. I know he's #1 on mine right now!

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    KEBco's got my Droideka, Ephant Mon and Yoda marked as "shipped."
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    From what i understand the target warehouses are sitting on thousands of fig's this is the reason for the price drop. most are old collection 1 and 2. seems they were forced to buy x amount of boxes and they did'nt sell. i have been getting mostly collection 2 wave 3 <Includes 12 individually packaged action figures: 2x Luminara Unduli - Jedi Master, 2x Jar Jar Binks - Gungan Senator, 2x Nikto - Jedi Knight, 2x Royal Guard - Coruscant Security, 2x Saesee Tin - Jedi Master, and 2x Taun We - Kamino Cloner> but they probbly vary by warehouse. picked up Ephant Mon at k mart some chump in front of me was picking up all the old yodas and i grabed up the two.

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    Good job! Nice find and thanks....


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