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    i am realy disapointed with these. what happened with this wave? ki-adi,dooku, jango, dengar, zuckess were all really good figures. why does hasbro go and screw up two leading characters? what's up with padme's nose? she looks like david ducoveny's little sister or something. anakin just looks horrible. how is this possible? these really look like i sculpted and painted them!!! the sad thing is i'll probably buy them anyway.

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    I agree with you Hasbro was doing so great, and then they put these out!Although they may not look good from thos pictures maybe they are a lot better close up. And I will also probably get all three of them.
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    I'm just glad that 2 of the three are new figures. So I will definitely get the Geonosian and Padme.


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