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    Silver R2 for trade

    The Title just about says it all, it is for one MOMC Silver Anniversary R2- D2. Here is what i would trade it for:

    1.) Jorge Sacul
    2.) Republic Gunship
    3.) Republic Gunship Pilots (x4)
    4.) Sneak Preview Clonetroopers (x6)
    5.) Deluxe Clonetroopers (x3)

    LMK if interested and thanks for looking!
    "Someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"

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    Will you accept my TF Vader ?

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    sure, as long as its MOMC. send me an e-mail when you get a chance
    "Someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"

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    Um yeah.
    Never question an eye that no longer lives THEY KNOW ALL!!!


    Here is my DVD collection

    CB4 Where you at?


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