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Thread: Thanks Brit C

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    eggplant arrow head!

    as fer a varient on the id 4 aa ship, there is indeed one (alos for the f/18 too) in my quest to acquire one, i won an auction just moments after brit cit let me know that one would be winging it's way to me. the varient is included with the defend new york city play set. (brit cit's came from the area 51 playset). in the nyc set, both the aa and the f/18 are smaller by about 1/6 in size. also included in the nyc set are collapsable citicorp building (the one with the wedge on top) chrysler building, statue of liberty, empire state building, and sadly. the wtc twin towers (i'm not happy with this bit of fantasy becoming a reality)

    the set also comes with am alien destroyer ship, the one which hovers above the cities (it looks like a cordless mouse actually, no real detail making it worth an mm collectors time)
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    does that mean you now have Two id4 aas, gsj?

    if so, lmk if you don't want one, cuz b'jr doesn't have one & has been jealously eyein the one bc3 found me
    plz post a pic of that id4 destroyer if you can, i'd like to see what it looks like (put aa next to it to convey scale)
    oh Please, like I wouldn't know which building's citicorp, it's only caught my eye in pix for about 2 decades now are there any other "twin towers" overlooking central park, or is the san remo your "ancestors" did the only one? if so, then it's the one i Constantly see in centpark pix, & that thing's a much more distinct, recognized landmark than i realized btw i was gonna email you comments about that rr&sons archilink you sent a while back, but it's gone out of date since
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    Arrow so you fancy citicorp?

    another rr & sons production (actually it's er&sons). hugh stubbins was the design architect, and er&s were the artichoke's of record. it fell to us to figure out how to make that thing stand up! it's got a 80 ton weight contained within the sloped top, and depending on the wind forces, it shifts about to prevent the building from doing a triple gainer down lexington avenue . (actually there's very funny if it weren't true story about that very possibility, which i will share in another posting, when i have time to tell it right) (nothing worse than a good story told wrong)

    twin delights looking down on cpw;

    san remo

    the eldorado

    here's the tri-towered beresford

    the century not an ers job, but gorgeous none the less!

    that's the line up of cpw's gemini old ladies.

    it would be an honour to forward the aa which came in the nyc set for inclusion in b'jr's armada. i will forward it along in the next westward posting. i havn't opened the package yet, but once i do, i will scan the destroyer ship, so's you can get a gander at what it looks like.

    np: ian hunter - central park and west
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    wow, gsj, I'm awed by the power, beauty and legacy of your grandfather's work. my visits to NYC will be richer experiences now, for having a new connection - however tenuous - to these masterpieces of the skyline.
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    it was a nice run while it lasted!

    the firm was started by my great grandfather, emery in 1898, and continued through the years under the leadership of my grandfather, and his brother. my father took over the firm in the early 70's, and i came on board at the same time as my fathers cousin in 1982.

    over the years, my fathers cousin and i, never saw eye to eye on anything, and my father served as the fire wall between us for over a decade. in 92' when my dad decided for health reasons to retire, it became clear that the cuz and i were not going to get along without my dad there to separate us.

    with the cherce of either staying in nyc and duking it out on a daily basis with regards to the firms future direction, (a prospect i wasn't much looking forward to) or taking the opportunity afforded me at that time to divest my interests in the firm, and move to florida (something mrs. jansen had been wanting to do, as her folks live here), i opted for the latter.

    within two years of my fathers and my departure, the firm was sadly run into the ground (2 years shy of it's century mark), and for all practical purposes, does not exisit today.

    i have never looked back in anger or regret, as the type of architecture that i am involved with here in the sunshine state, is more satisfying on a personal level, and allows me to have far greater direct involvement and control of the projects from inception through to final completion. :happy:
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    scans of id4 nyc set

    enclosed in the zip are photos of the top of the mother ship (cordless mouse), as well as a scan of all the building pieces, bottom of cordless mouse, and attacker ship for scale
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    Unhappy damn, as w/so many attachments you guys add to your posts. . .

    . . .i wasn't able to open & view this one (don't axe Me why, i ain't no techie )

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    Talking just arrived:

    bc3-sent gianni verspeeder mm for b'jr to replace misplaced one
    also, odd, larger-than-mm-sized runabout & rom bop finished, i'm assuming, by bc3 himself? aw shucks, you din't hafta to do that where'd you get these anyway? never seen em before. b'jr caught a glimpse & already asked if he can borrow em for his collection, where i assume he'll give em a place of prominence in the middle of his mm runab & rombop fleets
    thanx agin fellow noncom

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    Hey VT

    The larger Trek ships are from a line of unpainted vehicles that I got from a trade with a guy from Arizona.

    I don't know anything about them - except that there are at least 8 of them (see pic on my trek page) and that they come as plain black plastic.

    The ones that I sent you are 2 dupes that the chap sent.



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    Thumbs up maybe gotta call bc3 "swaffy #4",

    . . .but not cuz he's bogarting lotsa cool humps swaffy-style like #s 2 (jdah) & 3 (sicq); instead cuz he too goes to ridiculous lengths of generosity, to wit:
    a lil innocent music-related email discussion results in an mip aphex twin "windowlicker" cd single arriving in the mail from, courtesy Guess Who sigh, i guess my MMixtape-makin ain't gonna be done for a while yet, cuz i spose one for bc3'd be the only appropriate way to return the favor
    meanwhile something must be said about this disc's aaron-eckhart-in-a-bikini cover, and that somethin is eeeewwwww (the karmic flip side of ae's In The Company Of Men predatory fratboy, perhaps? )


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