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Thread: Thanks Brit C

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    Thanks Brit C

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    Thanks for the Virago, it came yesterday and I was so tired, I couldn't post till today.

    My take on it; I know it took a lot of courage for me to decide I wanted one of these as I am not into EU at all, but I'm glad I did.

    Now you may cry out about the Epic collections I had all you want, but that came about by accident; the 6 books were lying around my brothers' bedroom some years ago so I read them and then figured mms of them would be really cool -which they are, particularly the Flurry. Incidentally, the B-wing is teh same mold as the mm JT, no expanded cockpit. What IS it with the jinx-o-plane B-wing???

    Anyway, I Like It. Nice solid swivelling guns, 4 wings as independent as Destinys Child and a nice slidey-outey cockpit. Also all the joints and connections are very tight - as there are no children (mm, they taste of chicken, apparently!) in my environs with the exception of my godchildren -one of whom is an idiot savant and not impressed by such puerile simple joys - they will remain tight I hope.

    Xizor and Guri are okay. I can't really comment on them as I've never read the SW comics but it's nice to have a figure in the cockpit.

    This is a weird design, I keep thinking of HR Giger's art. It's also very arachnid- which reminds me of the warrior bugs in Starship Troopers.

    It's been about 2 or 3 years since I decided to get this I think, so thanks Brit C.

    And for all those interested (GSJ ) the box is in the bin, the ship is on my lap.


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    No Probs Jeddah

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    Talking i can vouch for the tightness of those wings baby!

    it's been two years since the jean genie got me my virago, and it's been in masons play rotation since.

    none of the wings are loose (now why couldn't they have used the same workmanship with that stupid piece o' manhood hangin' off the bottom of the skyhopper? , that things been loose, and swiveling since about day 2 outta the box ), and i don't know about the quality control testers at the old galoozba, but mason cracks those puppies with regularity, and they is still tight-o-mite!

    a great toy all around!
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    Re: Thanks Brit C

    Originally posted by jeddah
    Incidentally, the B-wing is teh same mold as the mm JT, no expanded cockpit. What IS it with the jinx-o-plane B-wing???
    Rat poopies! What the björk is up with that? The pics made it seem like it was gonna have a longer cockpit, but apparently it was just cheaper to throw in a previously-made item. I guess the problem with the B-wing is that ever since it got it's main action sequence cut from ROTJ (a real shame, from the look of things), it's been a "nobody" ship, that is to say, it doesn't have the personality the others do because we never see it kick butt.

    Oh, and if you close your VB code tags with [/color] and similar, that would work better. I would have edited that for you, but I didn't know what text you wanted it to end at.
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    Eh up,

    My expanded B-wing is definately a re-mold - the cockpit is slightly larger.



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    Arrow in these dark days of no new toys......

    brit cit, like a knight in shining armour comes to the rescue!

    recently received here in south florida straight from the heysham road;

    men in black set #4 with the utlra cool baltian mothership
    (need to track down the other three sets now!)

    mm set #36 secret at roswell with the absolutely sweet retro flying saucer!

    id4 playset with alien attacker ship! (non mm, but a perfect addition to the collection!)

    thanx brit cit, i was jonesing pretty bad, til you hooked me up with the right stuff!
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    And now for something completely different......

    Glad that you like the stuff, GSJ.

    And changing the subject completely...........

    My kid sister is UK Marketing Manager for Nintendo and is often involved in the production of the animated/real time movies between game levels.

    Well, she has just been judging a Sci-fi short film competition in London last week and her co-judge was the most splendid Terry Gilliam - see pic.

    How cool is that?????????????????

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    How cool is that?????????????????
    Waaaaay cool

    (am i turning into one of these cuhwazee americans?)


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    Lightbulb actually it was 3 years ago ;P

    so which one's baltian again? eggplant arrowhead or giger sperm?
    gee, i guess jdah Didn't evah play w/epic 4-6s, & never even noticed bwing sculpt was slightly diff. oh well, too late now
    i may have sighted an id4 aa sculpt variant btw: will lyk when i verify.
    wow, i never noticed gilliam kinda resembles henry jaglom, even though i just watched 12 Monkeys (comin soon to da Hump)

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    Of COURSE I didn't! They, like me, were far too precious


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