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    Star Case for Silver R2-D2

    Does anyone know if the Silver R2-D2 fits in the Star Case or the Star Case 2?
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    Mine fits nicely in the Star Case.
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    Great, cause I was planning on ordering some for my figs.
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    Buy your cases directly from the source:

    I have had great success with them. Plus, you get a discount from buying on their website.

    Hope that helps. . .
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    I would recommend Neuwheels - an eBay seller. I bet money you won't find 'em cheaper than what they have them.

    Before you order any SC1's or SC2's, inventory your items to see what you need. In other words, you don't want to buy a ton of SC2's when all you needed were the cheaper SC1's - and vice versa.

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    I was really glad R2 fit in an extra SC1 I had lying around 'cause I have NO extra SC2s and no money to buy 'em.
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    Don't like 95% of the older figs fit in SC1's? Unfortunately, I have no SCs and figure I need about 175 SC1's & 50 SC's, plus deluxes.
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    yeah, but the SC1 is better than SC. If you go with a SC2 you don't have worry about any not fitting except MON. There's really 3 standard Star Cases. SC, SC1 and SC2
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    I'm a big fan of Star Cases, not only do they protect the figure, but also is good for hanging.
    Might as well put the figure in a second plastic prison just incase he tries to get out of the first one.
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    MDM sports is another good ebay seller for Star cases. It's $62.50 for a case of 50 with free shipping, so that pretty much matches Neuwheels deal of 50 for 52.50 plus 9.50 shipping =$62. I have bought from both and have had no problems.
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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