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    I just watched the DVD of the film. Its great! And to think I was tempted to buy Season 2 of Futurama instead today.
    I did notice that its edited differently to the versions I saw at the cinema (I saw the film and digital versions in may/june). I thought that overall the editting for for the better - but can't Lucas leave anything the way it is?!

    Anyway, I watched the deleted scenes expecting to see part of the Yoda vs Dooku battle where Dooku uses 2 lightsabers, but it was no-where to be seen. I'm sure i heard it'd be on the DVD. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    Wasn't put in. Neither was the Jedi attck on the droid ship. Those were the two cut scenes that everyone wanted and the two they left out. I guess they were also the two that needed the most work to bring them up to scratch.

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    Still not got my DVD yet, bought it on VHS last night though.

    I noticed that the Head-butt scene with Jango & Obi Wan on Kamino was not included.

    Is it on the DVD ???
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    Not that I've seen yet, but I haven't watched a lot of the special features.
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    I don't think the head-butt scene is part of the deleted scenes section on the DVD unfortunatley. In my opinion, I'm glad the deleted scenes were just that, they don't really add anything to the story.

    The only good one is when Obi-Wan and Mace are walking through a hangar full of Jedi Starfighters but this backdrop was replaced for the final cut with them walking through the Jedi Temple with Yoda floating next to them Mekon-style on a saucer.

    In response to the original question, I preordered from and received my copy on Saturday and it was 15.99. I use them for all my DVD and PS2 purchases. CD's - try
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    Checked at Sainsburys today.
    12.50 is the website price. 17.99 in store.
    Argos is 16.99 and that's the cheapest i've found from a store i can walk into.


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