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    Deleted Scenes: Very Dissapointing!

    I can see the benefits now of releasing Episode I onto DVD 2 and a half years after it's release, so that you can get a team in to take their time in making detailed deleated scenes.

    I'm saying this because the ones on Episode II are dreadfull, they look really un-finished and even bounce in some parts. It is so obvious that they where rushed, and I know this might sound wierd but they kind of look dirty, that's the only word that I can use to describe them, but they've got kind of a brown dullness to them.

    And not to mention that about 3 of the 8 where pointless, what does everyone else think?
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    Well, deleted scenes usually are dissapointing. That's why they were cut from the movie in the first place. If your a big DVD fan, you'll know that usually they are no big deal. I haven't heard of them being bad quality though. Odd.

    So far from what I've heard, the scenes sound very cool. It's nice to finally see Padme's family and more of her relationship with Anakin develop. I can understand why they were dropped, since most people complained about their relationship anyway. Plus the Jedi Analysis Droids sound very cool.

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    The scene with Padme addressing the Senate is atrocious,
    the scene with the analysis droids was neat but pointless (I think this one looked good - wasn't it actually finished for the film?).

    By far, the scene with Padme's family was my favorite.

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    I do think that Padmes family was good, and also the Jedi Analasis room.

    The effects on the Jedi Analasis room where pretty nice, there's no complaints about that one!

    But Padme addressing the Senate is bad, and what's with Mas Emeda's tongue, it doesnt look good and it just seams to make the charactor more grotesque and in a way untrustworthy.

    But the one with Mace and Obi-Wan on the landing platform is diobolical! There are lines around the charactors and the cityscape background bumps about and on one point I noticed it move across completely.
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    Yes, I agree the landing platform scene was shoddy . . . and thanks for reminding me of Mas Amedda's tongue -- what the hell is THAT about ?

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    Amazing. people complaining about the poor quality of scenes that were CUT FROM THE MOVIE!

    They're supposed to be bad, people.

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    But still, cut scenes are supposed to be somewhat entertaining. Consider Gladiator. You can tell that the scenes were just cut for time, they all retained the atmosphere and quality level of the movie. They remain part of the director's vision.

    The AOTC cut scenes aren't. And they themselves have been edited. The best part of the Senate address was Darsana's and Orn's opposition to Padme, and that was cut.

    And Padme's Family was perfect for the film. If Lucas would have ditched the bloated coveyor sequence and left Threepio and Artoo on the ship, there would have been enough time for its addition.

    Of course I'm disappointed. We know Lucas had better things to showcase here (extended Arena, extended Mace/Jango, extended Yoda/Dooku, control ship raid)
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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    Amazing. people complaining about the poor quality of scenes that were CUT FROM THE MOVIE!

    They're supposed to be bad, people.
    Not really. There are lots of movies with scenes cut that would've been great. Look at TPM, the waterfall scene was awesome.
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    I think they were just trying to make a point with TPM's deleted scenes. Most of the deleted scenes on DVDs have a really poor quality about them and the performances usually aren't that good. I'm not trying to defend the deleted scenes on the AOTC DVD (since I've not yet seen them), but remember, it's just value added material for the geeks. Most people I know don't even care about viewing the deleted scenes when they get a DVD.

    Still, these will be my priority when I get home from dinner tomorrow night.
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    Yeah, I'll also probably watch the Special Features first myself. Then the movie. And then finally I'll listen to the Audio Commentary while I'm on here gushing about how excellent the DVD was.

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