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    Angry Anyone plan on protesting our inevitable war with Iraq?

    I for one, will. I'm sick of "my" government (yeah, right) pushing around the rest of the world to get its way. We even push around the UN these days! All I can say, is that if the US attacks Iraq without provocation and without the "blessing" of the Security Council, there'll be hell to pay in multiple forms. For one, hide your children because terrorists will be working full time. Two, the entire Middle East, minus Israel, will be fuming at us. Three, here at home, I think sentiment for this war is very low...perhaps a "Vietnam era-like" atmosphere. I plan on taking part/organizing protests against any such sad attempt at oil-grabbing in the MidEast.
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    Only protests from me, will be if they don't kill Saddam Hussain this time. Come on guys, we are getting another chance to take out "Sodamn Insane", lets get it right this time. Besides, not attacking Iraq isn't going to decrease the chance of Terrorist Attacks. Or shall we sit back and let him create his biological weapons and his nuclear arsonal, and then cry when it's to late to kill him to stop World War III.

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    I can't believe that people think that way. I GUARANTEE you that top al Queda officials have their cells in a stand-by mode to take action as soon as the US attacks.

    Go over with me again why he's "Sodamn Insane"?
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    Yep, I'm gonna go protest against my country protecting me. Yeah that's right, I don't want free protection! Who needs it? It's not like theres much gun control, I'll just get my own arsenal.

    Bah, protesting against it is dumb. Let's see... we don't stop Suddam he ain't gonna stop till he gets control of everything, we put a stop to him, well the only thing Bush can do is try to get re-elected. Big difference there, frankly I'd rather Saddam be taken out and monkey lips let everyone go back to what they were doing than Saddam nuking us and trying to take over the US.

    That's just me though...
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    That's a typo, he meant so damn inane.

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    Man, I thought that hippies were finally extinct.

    Guess I was wrong.
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    That's a typo, he meant hippos.

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    You gurantee me nothing, since you have no knowledge about what they have planned. Feel free to be a paranoid scared little rabbit if you want. But he's a bigger threat while he's breathing, then he will be when he has a slug thru his head.

    Gee, why is he "Sodamn Insane". Well, lessee. He killed a ton of people, including members of his own family. He ordered the slaughter of of Kuwait citizens. Had the oil fields lit on fire. Shall I go on, or would you like a complete run down.

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    No, I meant hippies. You know, the people who don't work, shave, or bathe. Them.
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    I figured I might get such responses. Hippies? They sure got a lot of them in Europe...500,000 protested last weekend...and there's not even a war yet! Just because I'm not satisfied to sit and watch TV every night to get "the latest news" and believe it all to be the truth without doing anything about something I disagree with does NOT make me a "hippy". Or a hippo. HOW CAN WE ATTACK A NATION THAT HASN'T DONE ANYTHING TO US??? I don't get it. Free protection? Ever heard of taxes???

    ps - For your information, I'm PhD Biology grad student...working 60-70+ hours per week, being paid enough to barely survive. If I don't shave, it's because I don't have time. Glad I'm working to do things like cure cancer for your types.

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