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  • Its even better than I expected!

    171 39.77%
  • Its as awesome as seeing the movie my first time!

    110 25.58%
  • Its OK - about what I expected.

    133 30.93%
  • I wish I could return DVDs....

    13 3.02%
  • I wont even open it - its for my sealed collection!

    3 0.70%
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    George -- That is the BEST advice I have heard all day. Untill TYCHO mentioned that Wal-Mart was selling them for $9.87 -- I did not know. HELL -- I just wanted the MOVIE -- I wasn't using any rational means of thinking !!

    I am soo ashamed
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    Here's some extra info on the different versions out there:

    I did not buy the pan-n-scan DVD, so I can't discuss that.

    However the VHS tape does have the following:

    1) the deleted scenes and some notations about each of them are offered on the cassette, after the end of the movie.

    2) the Star Wars Connections intro is only on the VHS tape so far as I can tell - It might be on my DVD, but I haven't explored everything available on it yet. Give me more than another 24 hours! Disc 2 is loaded!

    3) In both the WIDESCREEN DVD and the VHS TAPE, in the wedding scene, Padme takes Anakin's artificial hand.


    - if you saw it in a digital theater, you saw this scene play out this way.

    - if you saw it in a traditional movie theater, you see Anakin reach for her with his false hand, but take it back, unfulfilled by her touch, and Padme only holds his flesh and blood, real hand at their wedding. It's actually sadder this way, and more tragic, but that ending is not shown on any home version I've seen so far.

    If you look at it the other way though, in the digital ending, Padme accepted him whole, for who he was - Jedi Padawan, and injuries and all, and that emphasises her growing love for Anakin.

    Maybe they should have blended both cuts, so she does take his artificial hand, but there is only a slight hesitation.

    By contrast, if you notice in Empire Strikes Back, Leia doesn't even notice. She already feels very close and comfortable with Luke, and who he is, but her more primary thoughts are concerned with Han and what has become of him - foreshadowing what is to come, and which love interest Princess Leia will choose.

    Just an extra thought while we're all thinking about Star Wars.
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    You know what -- SCREW IT !! -- For $9.87 and $9.99 -- I'll keep it and just go get the wide screen version. I can always give the pan and scan to my nephew for X-mas if they are the same.

    TYCHO -- Interesting comment about the ending sceen. I saw the digital version -- but the theater version seems more "sinister" Enjoy the movies
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    I was the first one at the toysrus in the freshpond mall to buy it. I walked in and they were passing out sale tickets at the door got home at 10:00 am EST ( thats 7:00 am to you westcoast people) and right now i just finished watching the movie and all the special features.

    Excellent dvd. set all i got to say is bring on the classic trilogy on dvd!!!!! ( by the ways does anyone have a clue when that is coming out?)

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    Classic Trilogy on DVD, is not coming until after Lucas is done with the Prequels. So unless he changes his mind, which he often does. The earliest you will see the Classic Films on DVD is 2006.

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    How come I can never vote in the polls? I keep getting a message that say the action attempted is part of an invalid session (or something like that) What gives?

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    Niles IL Wal-mart

    my wal-mart--toughy avenue in niles illinois--refused to price-match---even though I had TRU ad the with me

    be forewarned before going there
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    I really like what I see so far, but I would like to see the footage of Dooku fighting with 2 sabers. They showed a few scenes from the filming of it, but I haven't found the actual footage.

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    You won't find the actual footage, it was cut from the film and wasn't included in the deleted scenes. The few minutes of filming the battle in the one documentary is all your going to find.

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    Here's one. I would swear the first few times I saw E2, Dooku taunts Obi-wan in their duel saying how "Qui-Gon spoke so highly of you". On the DVD, he says "Yoda spoke highly of you".


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