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  • Its even better than I expected!

    171 39.77%
  • Its as awesome as seeing the movie my first time!

    110 25.58%
  • Its OK - about what I expected.

    133 30.93%
  • I wish I could return DVDs....

    13 3.02%
  • I wont even open it - its for my sealed collection!

    3 0.70%
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    Bib, go to the Dexter's Diner section of Disc 2. The Mockumentary Trailer and the Sound Featurette are located there.

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    I have to say, the video is the best I've ever seen on a DVD. I guess the digital filming really did pay off. As a matter of fact, I liked the DVD video quality better than when I saw this in the theater.

    I only voted about what I expected because the Audio was crap. The voices where like whispers. If I wanted to hear people talk I had to crank up the volume on my surround sound system (-39 db). But I had to turn it down when it came to explosions otherwise they didn't sound good (-54 db). Compare this to the other DVD I just got (FOTR -extended edition), I never had to adjust the volume during the film to hear anything.

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    The best is watching the Deleted scenes and being able to get a glimpse of the forthcoming Jedi Analysis droids.

    I had to feel sorry for the actors who played Padme's family though, that didn't get there 30 seconds of BoShek sort've fame.
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    The picture quality is amazing! I noticed a sheen on Mace's bald head and R2's silver dome that I didn't notice in the theatre.

    I do wish the Plo Koon and Ki-Adi commando raid sequence had made the deleted scenes feature, but I can live without that.

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    I voted for "Its as awesome as seeing the movie my first time!". I would have voted for "Its even better than I expected!" but didn't because it couldn't get any better than I expected. It was just how I imagined - PERFECT!

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    Much better than I expected as well.The picture quality and sound are much better than other DVDs I own(even TPM).The deleted sceens were great,especially the two at Padmes house.I wish there would have been more,like Ploo Kloons anbd Ki's raid however
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    Thanks Tycho -- I'm glad I was not going crazy ..
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    Re: How do you like the Episode 2 DVD?

    Originally posted by Tycho

    I got my Attack of the Clones DVD this morning!

    It seriously rocks! Wal*Mart is charging only $9.87 for it today, November 12, the first day it's on sale. I suspect they are doing this because they know about Toys R Us' $9.99 price.

    DANG!!!!!!! My WAL MART didn't have that deal going on!!!
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    my 2 cents

    I guess I'm getting Jaded. I thought there would be more. I'm still HIGHLY disappointed by the deleted scenes. They should have all been included. at least the action scenes. As others have mentioned, who wouldn't want to see old guy Dooku wielding two sabers, biker clones, Jedi assault on droid control ship. You'd think that with all of the fan frenzy about the deleted scenes that they could have included them. Just another instance of ol'' George not giving into the fans. Yeah it's his story but it's ours too. (And we paid for it!) Why not give us those deleted scenes. I bet the same will happen to those ANH scenes. we'll never get the Luke looking up to the Star Destroyer or the Biggs coming home scene or Luke's friends.

    More easter eggs please.

    Still. I voted that this is what I expected. Some nice extras

    I haven't got the LotR:FotR expanded DVD but just from what I'm hearing this blows away the extras in AOTC volume wise and content wise.

    Any opinions?
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    Those scenes were never completed JMS, thats why they weren't included. You do get to the the pre-visualzations of the CloneTroopers on Speeder Bikes and the Tank Droid on the battle field. Lucas never includes scene trims in deleted scenes, he's stated that before. That's why you don't get the cut Dooku/Yoda stuff. Also because that was never finished either. Same with the Droid Control Ship raid. While most of the filming was completed, they never finished the shots, as it was deleted during filming to try to tighten the story up some. Those ANH scenes we will get, since they are full scenes, and not trims.

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