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    Don't get me wrong. I love the movie. I have watched it three times since I got it at 12:15 am Tuesday. I just voted that it was okay for some of the same reasons others have mentioned--more deleted scenes and stuff. The additional problem I have is that my computer isn't playing it well. We all know that computer dvd players hesitate sometimes, but mine usually doesn't have a problem--three times or less per movie, usually near the beginning, and better if I restart before playing the movie. The two times that I have watched Ep II on my computer so far, it has skipped every two to five minutes through the whole movie!
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    whwen, does anybody know when the dang original trilogy is coming out? and not the hong kong version? those blow doors off TPM and AOTC. I know it's a hand up a puppets ***, but its waaay better than digital Yoda!
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    '05 at the earliest. That's what the Flannel One says.

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    Actually, it's more like '06 at the earliest. 2005 is the year for E3, so you aren't going to get the OT that year.

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    After 2005 and the release of Episode 3, George Lucas wants time to make changes, possibly like some of the ones I want in the following:


    1) When the Devastator blows the Tantive IV's radar dish, I think some more green lasers that miss, should be shown, in addition to the blast that hits. After all the lasers the Star Destroyer was shooting...

    2) When the Falcon escapes the Death Star, I think some exterior shots of the Falcon under Chewie's piloting, should be inter-mixed with the gunner station scenes (with nothing cut out, just the music extended so that it all plays to the right tempo). Then we can see the Falcon twisting and fighting against the TIEs. Their destruction should remain exaclty the way it is.

    3) On the approach to Yavin, all should be kept, but once the Falcon enters the moon's atmosphere, a wide shot of a lot of the Massassi Temple ruins with the Falcon flying between them towards the Great Temple, would be a cool 1-sec addition to further establish a planet barely seen. Then the new landing shot should come in, a SE addition that I personally like.

    4) Greedo should not fire first! But this is unlikely to change since Lucas did this to make Han more p.c. That's crap in my opinion, but it is the greatest offense of the SE.

    5) Jabba will be redone in the added scenes to make him look more like the Jabba from ROTJ but for the Docking Bay 94 scenes.

    6) In the trench run, while the Y-wings are going at it, you see all six ships in there: the 3 Rebs, and the 3 TIEs. You could drop in similar shots of the X-wings in that manner (with the TIEs) for Red Leader's and Luke's trench runs. I'd love to see Biggs, Wedge, and Luke in there (from the exterior) with Vader and the TIE's. Instead you see 1 X-wing at most (save for a rear shot when Wedge gets hit).



    While nearly perfect:

    1) In the Battle of Hoth, after seeing how much stuff is going on in the Battle for Geonosis, I think several drop-in shots of more AT-AT's, AT-ST's, and Snowspeeders fighting them would be nice.

    2) Also, seeing the Snowtroopers disembark for Ground Assault would rip! Plus seeing them advancing on foot like the Battle Droids did in E2 would seriously kick! Go Snowtroopers!

    3) Finally, as Rebel Transports evacuated Hoth, an added space battle with some TIE's and TIE Bombers making runs at them, while X-wing's and Y-wings defend them would be pretty cool. I'm talking a very minute number of pick up shots - like maybe 3.

    4) When Artoo is spit out, Luke should say "you're lucky you don't taste very good." It had more wit then the SE line change.

    5) Vader should just say "Bring my ship!" and not the "alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival" line. That was so not like him.

    6) When the Falcon approaches Cloud City, one more shot of the Falcon coming over the edge of the city, then flying between the first buildings it passes, before the ones added in for the SE would be nice.

    7) When Luke lets himself take the suicidal plunge off the Bespin gantry, the scream's got to go.



    1) When Bubo barks at C-3PO, he ought to at least be looking at him!

    2) The Rancor needs to be removed and redone with CGI. The black lines have to go no matter what. It looks too fake. The Rancor also needs to move faster so it doesn't look like Luke can run circles around it all day (or so it doesn't look like it's moving in slow-motion.

    3) During the space battle, an added scene of B-wings fighting, such as in the famous Ralph McQuarrie drawing, as when they entered a Star Destroyer's docking bay and blew the ship from the inside-out, would totally rock.

    4) General Madine's scenes on a Corellian Corvette should be added back into the battle.

    5) An overhead ground battle shot should establish why the Ewoks were able to win: hundreds of Stormtroopers but THOUSANDS of Ewoks. With 10-1 or greater odds, it should establish that the Ewoks' sheer numbers overwhelmed the Empire. The furballs were natives there. Imperial troops had to be assigned and stationed there.


    When these changes are done (or whatever George really plans to do) then he will release the Classic movies on DVD.

    Possibly they will not all be re-released at once.

    He said there will never be an "original theater edition" release on DVD (Han shooting first, no Jabba, original Battle of Yavin shots).


    Rumors I am against include that:

    ANH: Bail Organa and a surface shot of Alderaan will be added for when the Death Star destroys Leia's world. If Alderaan is a setting for E3, then we don't need to see it in E4. We'll remember what Leia remembers and empathize with her. Bail Organa might be a major character in E3, but he's not a character in E4. It could be done OK, with no lines and a half-second shot, but it's not necessary.

    ROTJ: Padme might be added to the ending. She is supposed to be dead, and I suspect she'll remain that way. If Leia has a holo-picture of her, I could see that. Maybe R2's carrying one. But I don't think Natalie should have any speaking lines. She's not a character in ROTJ.


    In any case, Lucas does not want to release any edition of the Classic movies until changes he wants to make can be completed.

    If he does that now, he can't do Episode 3 and get it out on time.

    Also, Indiana Jones 4 has to fit into the schedule, so there's that too.

    Lucas doesn't care that the fans want the DVD's now. He knows we'll buy them when he decides to offer them.

    Plus things like "The Lost Scenes" such as Biggs and Luke at Anchorhead, and the Sandstorm in ROTJ need to be digitized, as well as scenes like the Snowtroopers and the Wampa which might never have been finished, need to be tweaked to be included in the suplimental material for the 2nd discs.

    This stuff takes time.

    I'd rather not buy a ton of different copies of each movie.

    Meanwhile, The Phantom Menace could be adjusted so Qui-Gon's destruction of the Sith probe droid could be added in so that it makes sense why he and Anakin are running in the middle of the desert right before Darth Maul attacks.
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    I'm keeping the DVD under plastic wrap. Watched my pan and scan video instead. What's that? DVD is better and has a million times more features and wotnot? But I want to keep my DVD mint and boy it's going to worth something one day if I keep it packaged and never touch it or open it up. That's what collecting is all about right? I spent so much money on it i don't want to ruin it by actually using it the way it was intended to be used. The packaging is nice though, prety colors and art and stuff. Nice plastic color on the case. It's got stuff written on the back too, in writing.

    Why bother watching the DVD when the will post screen caps of every last tiny moment and visual? God love that website.

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    Thanks JJB for the info. I actually found the extra features when I went back and spent a little more time with the DVD.(Man, I feel like such a dummy.)

    Anyway, it looks as though most of the TRU's around here (NJ) are sold out of the widescreen versions on DVD. If anyone is still trying to get the $9.99 deal, go to Blockbuster Video with a TRU flyer. They have big signs up advertising their price matching deal and gave me no problems. I've bought two extra copies so far to give as X-mas gifts. Blockbuster had plenty of stock on the widescreen version DVD. The Fullscreen version and VHS copy are still abundant at TRU. They also still have cases of the Silver R2's which they will give you even if you include the DVD as part of your Star Wars purchase. They don't seem to really care about it having to be Hasbro product.

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    I suspect that the original DVDS will be completed no earlier than 2007, since that will be the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. Lucas probably would hold off releasing them to 2007, even if they were ready before that time. As far as touch ups to the original trilogy, I heard some of the music will be altered as well, such as the Imperial March being in Ep IV. And please, can we get a replacement seen in Empire to eliminate that "other" Emperor with the monkey eyes? It is going to look even more weird when we have the same actor playing Sidious/Emperor/Palpatine in 4 other movies and some other guy with monkey eyes playing him in-between Eps. 4 and 6.


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