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  • Its even better than I expected!

    171 39.77%
  • Its as awesome as seeing the movie my first time!

    110 25.58%
  • Its OK - about what I expected.

    133 30.93%
  • I wish I could return DVDs....

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  • I wont even open it - its for my sealed collection!

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    How do you like the Episode 2 DVD?


    I got my Attack of the Clones DVD this morning!

    It seriously rocks! Wal*Mart is charging only $9.87 for it today, November 12, the first day it's on sale. I suspect they are doing this because they know about Toys R Us' $9.99 price.

    This will be TRU's regular price though, and I think Wal*Mart will carry the movie at its regular rate of $14 soon. My 24 hour grocery store (Ralph's) even had the movie last night, but they were charging $22 bucks for it - as they know people will pay!

    But though I think the DVD is worth even that price, I was glad to get it for 10 bucks!

    I also bought the VHS. It's only available in pan-n-scan but it has a unique "Star Wars Connections" video-overview at the beginning, hosted by C-3PO and R2-D2 in what looks like a Mon Calamari battle cruiser, and it shows scenes from all 5 Star Wars movies. It directly mentions that Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, setting speculation that Episode 3 won't reveal that fact blatantly, a little bit of a step back as young kids who have never seen Star Wars will learn what happens in Episode 5 by watching Episode 2. An interesting choice, though not one that applies to the DVD.

    Meanwhile, back to the discs, I love the Droid Factory Menu that stomps on Geonosians while you select scenes. He-he-he.

    Meanwhile, on Disc 2, check out the documentary on Ben Burt and the sound design for Episode 2 - it's on the "Movies are never finished - sometimes they escape!" title. That was fun to watch and worth seeing!

    But here's the poll and the thread - you guys who've got it can really start the discussion going now!

    I'll chime in again, I'm sure.

    NOTE: My Walmart was not selling them even a minute past midnight. There were some pretty upset Star Wars fans at stores around San Diego county last night! But I had to wait until they opened at 7am today to get my movie. But I did get it and it's a SW holiday so far as I'm concerned!!!

    So what do you think of the DVD to Attack of the Clones???
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