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    Okay, I watched Monsters Inc (very funny) and then rushed home to post what I remember of the Trailer. It's called "breathing" for reasons which will become apparent. here goes:

    It's very disconcerting because it's very short and there is no dialogue, no music, just Vader's rhythmic breathing until the very end when you hear the sound of lightsaber battle. I'm still trying to figure out all the shots I saw. It starts out black with the sound of breathing then a shot of padme.
    A shot of Anakin.
    A shot of a spaceship flying through a canyon.
    A shot of CGI Yoda.
    Jango flying up in the air past some kind of tower at night.
    A shot of rocky terrain. A shot of a city built on water where it's raining.
    A shot of Obi Wan hanging onto something flying thruough Coruscant at night.
    A shot of Padme and Ani smooching.
    A shot a bunch of kids (clones I'm guessing) hooked up to machines with wires and stuff attached to their heads.
    A shot of Yoda walking away fron Mace.
    A cool shot of "Slave-1" flying thru an asteroid field right at camera firing bright red bolts. The effect of the lasers coming right at you is cool.
    A shot of thousands of Clonetroopers walking up ramps of gargantuan spaceships.
    A cool shot of Anakin and Obi Wan walking down a dark starship hallway with their sabers lit.
    And a shot of the lightsaber battle with the villains back turned to the camera and the lightsaber sounds instead of Vader's breathing.
    Then the Star Wars Epidoe II Attack of the Clones Title.
    It's very fast. Not even 90 seconds. Some of those shots are out of order, as well. Like I said, without music it seems very....weird and creepy. But cool. You'll know what I mean in a few hours. It definitely goes by too fast.

    Edit: Add these two shots also courtesy of Co Jo Da's Teaser Trailer Description thread:
    Padme and Anakin hugging on Tatooine, probably outside the Lars homestead......

    a shot of what looked like Obi-Wan either in a hologram, or actually suspened or hung from something....
    It looks like he's been captured and strung up in an evil bacta tank...

    Thes shots were in the trailer and I had to check his thread to be reminded of them. Like I said, it went by very fast...
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