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    Long Ago in a Galaxy Somewhere...In Dublin?

    I found this article on

    Long Ago in a Galaxy Somewhere...In Dublin?
    2 hours, 17 minutes ago

    DUBLIN (Reuters) - "Star Wars" director George Lucas, please phone home...or at least get in touch with the library at Trinity College, Dublin.

    Library administrator Robin Adams would like to discuss an uncanny resemblance between the 18th-century Long Room Library at Trinity, and the "Jedi Archives" in the latest episode of the "Star Wars" epic.

    A picture of the Jedi Archives from the film "Star Wars Episode II--Attack of the Clones" sits side by side with a photograph of The Long Room on the Web Site of the Architectural Association of Ireland (

    The resemblance is, well, almost clone-like.

    Not only is the vaulted ceiling exactly the same, but even the statues are in almost identical places. Some wags say if you look hard enough, you might see Trinity enfant terrible Oscar Wilde peeking out from the Jedi stacks.

    The striking similarity was noted some time ago in a student newspaper when the latest "Star Wars" film was released last May.

    But it was only this past weekend that Adams wrote a letter to Lucasfilms suggesting the company might want to acknowledge a debt to architect Thomas Burgh, who died in 1730 but whose work apparently lives on, in a parallel universe.

    "It would be nice if there were some kind of response," Adams told Reuters.

    "The library would have been used by historic figures of the past, Oscar Wilde and so's quite nice if..."

    If it was used by Jedi Knights?

    "Yes, exactly," Adams said.

    Some Irish news reports have suggested Trinity was thinking of suing but Adams said this was not so. Apparently Trinity has not succumbed to the power of the dark side -- yet.
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    Yes, cause we know they are the only place in th entire world that has a library with vaulted ceilings. Another lame attempt to grab the spotlight, because of Star Wars. Excuse me while I shake my head in their general direction.

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    I've never been in the library in Trinity. If I'm there again, I'll take a look...
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