Okay, I ordered a DVD copy of AOTC from WalMart.com just because of those 5 alleged exclusive Widevision cards and I did so with a total roll of the dice because I had no knowledge as to how exclusive they really were, how random they were, etc.

Well, it was TOTALLY worth it ! ! ! :happy:

I was thinking about them all day, hoping, just HOPING that they would be cellophane wrapped (I ordered 2 because a friend wanted one and I wanted to know if we were getting the same cards ) AND maybe specially numbered . . . like with a "W" for Wal-Mart . . . but that was not a serious hope.

Sure enough, they are cellophane wrapped AND specially numbered - W1 thru W5 ! Both sets I received are the same, so it's a nice little subset - they aren't trying to get me to chase after more. Combined with my promo from the Insider and Non-Sport Update ( ) it will make for a nice full page of 6 at the back of my (eventual) Widevision binder.

They are pretty sharp cards, if anyone wants to have a look I can scan them . . but won't post them unless requested since
a) nobody will read this because
b) the card section is dead.
But if you are one of the 3 or 4 people who come here (stillakid, scruffziller, Man Can, r2dee2, etc. --Eternal Padawan to watch the tumbleweeds -- ), they were well worth ordering the DVD online.

As for what I paid, I think I got a deal - it was only 17 and change online, but after shipping it was over 19. In a Wal-Mart store today, I noticed they were charging over 19, so the cards are some cool freebies.
(note: there are no TRUs within 40 minutes from here, that's why Wal-Mart hadn't cut their price to compete)