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    Was there an extra line(s) added to the DVD?

    Maybe my memory is fading, but I think I may have heard a different line on the DVD of ATOC. Now, I've seen the non-digital film print 3 times, and just watched the IMAX last weekend, so many of my memories are overun from the IMAX version. In the scene after Anakin gets back from the Tuskin camp, and is throwing a tantrum in the garage, I thought I noticed an extra line. At the end when he sits on the ground and Padme comes over to comfort him, she says something like "It's only human to be angry" and he replies with something like "I know I'm better than this." Now, I'm sure I got the lines wrong, but I don't remember ever hearing/seeing them before. Were they always there? Or are they only missing in the IMAX version? Or were they not on the film print, but on the digital print? Or am I crazy?


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    It wasn't in the theatrical release. It has been added to the movie for the DVD release.
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    I wish that line was never cut, I think it's great!

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    Cool- I was thinking I had just forgot about it from the theatrical realease. It makes that scene better, as Padme should have been a little more disgusted by Ani's actions.

    So, has anyone noticed anything else added to the DVD release?

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    It was also in the hospitality/PPV channels version, in hotels, when it aired about a month-and-a-half ago.
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    I noticed this too. I think that that line really ties that scene together and gives us a new insight in anakin's character.

    I also noticed, but I'm not 100%, that in the theatrical release (and on the trailer), Yoda says 'this clone war' in one of the final scenes in the jedi council room. On the DVD he says 'the clone war'.
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    It was changed to "The Clone War" from "This Clone War" for the theatrical release as well.
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    I thought that line seemed new.....definitely shouldn't have been omitted from the theatrical release.

    I also noticed during the wedding scene, the "digital version" where anakin takes Padme's hand with his mechanical one was included. I never saw it in digital, but I'm pretty sure everyone who did said this was only in that version, and not the film releases.

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    I liked seeing that too. No major additions like the Coruscant taxi however. Ill have to rewatch Ani and Padme after the slaughter, I wasn't paying close attention and totally missed that!

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    The hand holding and the "The Clone War" line were both in the digital versions.
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