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    TRU R2-D2 Variant

    Seems that some R2's may possibly have the legs going the right way:

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  3. #3 translates into the collectables station link above and once in while (about 2-3 weeks) they experience an outage on their front page / slowdown.

    I have noticed this over the past year...

    it will come back soon..
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    I tried both links. They work in Netscape but couldnt get em to work in IE. Seems to be something in the HTML.

    Anyway, heres the pic posted on the second link.

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    I'm not sure if this is the same figure, but a user with the same name (as the one in the article) was quoted on as finding a Silver R2 with two left legs -- making one leg correct, and the other backwards.

    So the Yakface picture might just be a photo of the "correct" side of the R2 with two left legs? Maybe? Possibly?
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    well with 70,000+ units there has to be some errors and variations.
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