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    George Lucas vs. David Spade ? (Just Shoot Me)

    I was reading Entertainment Weekly from last week, and it shows a pic of Lucas filming a spot on Just Shoot Me. He gets to throw a punch on the show, and the pic gives the impression that he has a scuffle with Spade's character.

    Any idea on when this might air ?

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    I think everyone should be given the opportunity to punch david Spade in the face...atleast once.

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    Sitcoms usually start filming in July or August, and end late fall or early winter, so October would imply late in the mid-season. March is a fair estimate, an actual air date wouldn't be concrete yet.
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    I'd rather see G.Lu. vs. Al Borland from Home Improvement. The loser has to stop wearing flannel shirts.
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    I'll pay $500 to punch David Spade!
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    I like David Spade. He's one of the funnies people on TV. I think his humor is funny. I can totaly understand why people don't and wouldn't like him, but I'm sure I wouldn't like stuff they think is funny.

    It's just taste and people certainly differ in that .
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    The only time I can stand David Spade is if he is with Chris Farley. Anything else with him in it makes me ill.
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    Malakite, you can only stand David Spade with Chris Farley? So let's reunite the two of them. Who wants to do the dirty deed?

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    That's realy funny Jar Jar !
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    That's evil...!
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