I'm posting some of the ships etc. my husband and I have built. They all are totally from scratch..no pre-fab parts, no model kits.
All the pics I'm posting are older peices we have built. I am in the process of taking new pictures of all the things will have bulit over the past two years which to name a few are: a 3 foot tall destroyer droid, a lifesize battle droid, a five foot long speeder bike with biker scout (work in progress), 3 3/4 figure scale b-wing, shuttle, x-wing, 12 inch figure scale of a snowspeeder and ATST. Also we have a twenty inch probe droid too. We have older models bulit several years ago of a y-wing and a ATAT. I'm posting older pictures...keep in mind our newer peices are mcuh better then the older ones and have better paint jobs