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    Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm Ltd. announced today a partnership to create Star Wars: Clone Wars, a series of 20 animated shorts that will air on Cartoon Network in 2003-2004 between other programming.

    Star Wars: Clone Wars continues the saga where the live action feature film Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones left off - at the beginning of the Clone Wars, an epic civil war that pits the old Republic against a vast separatist movement led by the forces of evil.

    Each episodic short will be two- to three-minutes in length and will air exclusively on Cartoon Network at regularly scheduled times during the network's regular programming beginning later this fall. "Clone Wars" will be produced at Cartoon Network Studios by a team led by Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory.

    As "Clone Wars" unfolds the valiant Jedi Knights lead the Republic's Clone Army against many new and ruthless adversaries across the galaxy. These new characters, epic battles and intricate stories will add an exciting new dimension to the Star Wars saga.

    "We are incredibly excited to be working with Lucasfilm in creating an animated story that extends one of the world's most beloved entertainment properties," said Sam Register, senior vice president of development for Cartoon Network. "Cartoon Network's creative team will work hand-in-hand with Lucasfilm to make sure that our common vision for Clone Wars thrills Star Wars fans around the world."

    "Genndy Tartakovsky and the team at Cartoon Network are tops in their field," said Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing. "Their work on Samurai Jack shows that they can tell an epic story in a unique way, lavishing equal attention on dramatic battle scenes as well as the dramatic development of the characters."

    That is the article

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    here's a sketch from

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    WOW Cool a Kaminoan who is a SITH, YES!!!!!!
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    Hmmm... could go either way along that line.
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    How many do I speak for when I say, "Um..." or maybe even, "Yuck" ?

    First: 2 - 3 minutes long? Are they out of their minds? What good is that? I was hoping for whole 30 minute shows (which I know, that after commercials aren't really 30 minutes, more like 18 - 20. But still.). Even 15 minutes would have been good.
    I mean, you'd get probably more information and entertainment by playing the Clone Wars video game. That's at least 20 minutes of a story, anyway.... (for those of you who've played the game).

    Okay, I like Samuarai Jack, and all - it's a nice cartoon. The style is weird, but it fits for that cartoon. Why do they have to copy it over to this? Couldn't have they have used a different style of animation? Even CGI, although not original, would have been better for this, IMO. Or maybe some other type of conventional animation. This just doesn't look "Star Wars-y."

    And the style's not even what peeves me so much about it. I was really looking forward to this, and now I'm let down. 3 minutes?

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    And I thought this thread was going to be about clothing.

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    i'm pretty excited, i hope it's done right though. it would suck to have it become all a big joke. i'm looking forward to the new characters which will give birth to more new figures!!!
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    BTW, the shorts idea really does suck too.
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    Its not a copy of Samuarai Jack, its by the artist, so therefore it is his style. I think it could work if done right.
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    This is too cool. And you know we will eventually get this on DVD too. Kudos to Tartakovsky for taking the idea to Lucasfilm, and giving us prequel fans something to hold us over till EP3.


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