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    Does anyone else feel the way I do, or am I alone?

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    Re: The Animated Series?

    I disagree.

    Even if it is EU, why not enjoy if it is a good show? I think that your position is a little hardline, but if that's how you feel.

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    I like how the article I found speculates on it possibly being cg since Lucasfilm did it in house. That would be cool, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the cg Starship Troopers show that was done a few years ago, and I hope Clone Wars can be like that show.
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    AICN updated with confirmation as well. I can't wait for this. I wonder if it will end up on Toonami, Adult Swim, or off on its own like Justice League.

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    Nothing wrong with throwing in a non-EU animated series between E2 and E3 to tell the three years of battles of the Clone Wars. It would have been impossible to show the entire war in the films, it's just to massive. Atleast we saw the first battle in E2 and the last battle in E3. Atleast with Lucas and Lucasfilm involved, we can be sure that it matches continuity and is canon.

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    Exactly! I am really stoked about this having been confirmed! What a great holiday gift- of sorts. For as much as I enjoyed the Droids and Ewok series, I thought the animation was subpar. There have been a load of advances since then and now that Japanese Animation has become a measuring stick for much fantasy animation, we SHOULD see something pretty amazing.

    If this ends up being CG... even better!

    I consider STAR WARS 6 movies and a bunch of side stories thrown in for good measure. I love the stuff that happens outside the films... especially in the Prequel-era!

    I can't wait!
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    Anime style.............ANIME STYLE!!!!!!!!

    I really have a dislike for cg cartoons. They always look ridiculous.

    Besides, can't u just see an anime jedi kicking some seperatist tail? Or an army of anime styled clonetroopers in battle?


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    This is possibly the coolest thing I've heard in a long time!!!! I hope this is animated, not CG, though. Sorry, but cartoons are cartoons, they aren't supposed to look TOO real. But anyway. . .this could be HUGE!!! Imagine tuning in weekly to see the new exploits of your favorite Jedi's!!!! It will be bigger than Soprano's!!!!! And then they can make great action figures that go along with the show. And they can be real cartoony like the vintage Droids and Ewoks figures!!!!! What a great throwback to the early age of Star Wars!!!! I agree with Pendo also, this could be a great opportunity to re-release the original, and complete, Droids/Ewoks series on DVD. This idea/rumor/plan could only do GOOD things for the Star Wars Universe. It will give us something we are all interested in. . . a Cartoon Show. It will bring an even younger audience to SW. It will give us collectors more cool toys. It gives Lucas, and any other controlling party's the opportunity to make some serious cash between the two films, when sales normally tale off. I can't see anyway this could be a bad idea. . . well maybe my wallet will suffer. . .but I am SOOOOOOOOOO over it!!!!! Bring it on!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!! May The Force Be With Us !!!!!!!
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    Wink SIDE NOTE

    Being a former art student, one of my longtime "dreams" was to animate Star Wars. I always wanted to take the time (I think we all know how long it takes) to re-create Star Wars in animated form. I always thought that this would be a cool little thing to have for myself, no matter how good it came out. I could even add scenes from the novels that were'nt included in the theatrical release. Needless to say, I never was motivated enough to really put the project into serious play. I would make skethces, etc. . .but never took it any forward than that. Clone Wars: The Animated Series could be the inspiration I need!!!!!!

    Like I stated before. . .NOTHING BAD CAN COME FROM THIS!!!!

    Give us Clone Wars : The Animated Series!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree with bobafett07728. I hope this is animated and not CGI! You all know how anti-CG I am !

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