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    Originally posted by Pendo
    I agree with bobafett07728. I hope this is animated and not CGI! You all know how anti-CG I am !

    Then how could you have possibly enjoyed ATOC? Was there anything real in that movie besides the actors?

    The only CGI cartoons I've seen have been Heavy Gear and Transformers Beast Wars. They seemed fine to me (at least visually). I'm not to big on the Japanese style animation, something about it annoys me, but I'm not sure what.
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    Originally posted by Rogue II
    Then how could you have possibly enjoyed ATOC? Was there anything real in that movie besides the actors?
    LOL, you've got me there ! It's still possible to enjoy the movie even though it is mainly all CG, but I would enjoy it more if he went back the the old methods. I just don't think CG is perfected yet...

    Episodes IV - VI were AMAZING, my favourite movies of all time, and not a ounce of CG in sight . Everything looks so realistic in them, even the puppets. Why could 3 amazing movies be made back then without the use of CG, but now he needs CG to make movies ? Perhaps if he'd perfected CG on other movies first, and when it looked right and more realistic then introduce it into Star Wars. IMO anyway .

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    CG isn't bad. . . depending on how it is used. In AOTC, it looks good because it looks real. In a TV show, it would have to be all CG, Humans would look. . .well. . .like crap. CG Aliens, vehicles, and landscape have become almost identical to real world. . . but they still haven't been able to accurately replicate humans. I think the way to go for a series like this would be cartoony animation, or maybe Japanese anime. This would alow all characters to be "accurately" depicted, rather that Yoda looking dead-on, and Obi looking like poop. Just imagine if GL used cartoons everywhere there was CG in AOTC. . .that's how the human characters would stand out in a CG series. I'm not going to complain, either way, just as long as the series comes out. The stroyline will be enough to keep me interested I'm sure.
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    Okay. . .Anakin riding the Shaak, and Reek looked like crap. . .but that further solidifies my argument about CG Humans. Otherwise AOTC's CG was acceptable. Taking Pendo's side though. . .I'd take Puppett Sy Snootles over that silly CG band anyday!!!!!
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    I think there is a difference between CG used in ATOC and the CG that would be used for a cartoon. The humans in Heavy Gear didn't look all that bad, but the animators were not trying to make them look 100% real.

    When I saw ATOC the first time, the battle scene reminded me of a movie from video game...something like Diablo II.

    What style of animation is Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000? I wouldn't mind seeing SW done in that fashion.

    I could even go for CG background and non-CG animated characters. I thought something like that.

    Oh why did you have to remind me of that crappy CG Sy Snoodles. Joh Yowza and ANH:SE Jabba were just as bad. I would go on about them, but that is a different thread.
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    True. . .very true.
    A different thread that would be, indeed.
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    I think the animation in Dragonball Z is excellent. Anything close to that gets my vote.
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    I think it could be stick figures, or claymation and I'd watch it!
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    yeah, I'm a little happy that this news is out n about.
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    Wow, Claymation Star Wars. That's what I want to see.

    How about South Park style? Emperor Jargo already designed the entire cast for them.
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