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    I'd like either the simplistic style of the Batman/Batman Beyond/Superman/JLA series of cartoons, or the "pseudo-anime" of the new MOTU cartoon, or even of the Transformers: The Movie. It has to be a class act all around, period. None of this "sometimes good, more often lousy" animation that was so prevalent in the 80s.

    And good voice talent is a must as well. Original actors wherever possible (though I understand big names like Lee, Portman, and MacGregor may be unavailable or unwilling).

    Since Dark Horse is also exploring the Clone Wars (primarily from Anakin's standpoint, IIRC), and at least two novels are planned (one with Obi-Wan and the Ol' Grinner himself, the other with Mace), the animated series should try to mesh with these, but focus on a different cast. Adi Gallia, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, or another fan favorite Jedi would be an obvious choice.

    And, like the short-lived, give us all sorts of stuff we want and clear up long-debated questions.
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    They've already designed the Clone Troopers in the computers, which is a big chunk of the cost of CG animation. They've got the same "character" over and over again. (the Clone). Throw in a few CGi Jedi (like Fisto and Yoda) and maybe the occasional voice guest star (Hayden? McDiarmid? Smits?) and voila. A kickbutt Cgi animated show.

    I can't wait for the DVD!
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    Talking Clone Wars Animated Show Cartoonetwork

    Update on Clone War Animated Series
    Thu, Nov 14, 02 07:58:21 PM EST

    You may have seen the report on AICN about an animated series based on
    the Clone Wars being in the works between Lucasfilm and the Cartoon
    Network. Our independent sources checked into this rumor and confirmed
    that it is, in fact, true. Our source was able to add a little bit more
    info to AICN's report. It turns out that Lucasfilm created a pilot
    episode of the series and took it to the Cartoon Network recently for a
    pitch meeting. Our source was not yet able to find out who created the
    pilot episode, find out who wrote it, or find out what the Cartoon
    Network's response to the meeting was.

    Now we venture into our own personal speculation. If Lucasfilm created
    the pilot episode in-house, that would indicate it was most likely
    computer animated. So could we expect this Clone War series to be
    entirely CG? Possibly.

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    Great news.........

    I know you are new here hellboy, but just to let you're thread will most likely get merged with the existing thread on this topic.
    In future, you might want to make sure you post new information in existing threads, just to avoid later confusion!

    Welcome to the boards and thanks for the update.

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    I guess we'll find out the status of Anakin Skywalker, I thought that would leave the order and go and live on Tatooine with Padme after he married her at the end of Attack of the Clones.
    Ben Kenobi mentions about how Owen Lars said that Anakin shouldn't have gotten involved and he shouldn't have followed Obi-Wan on a "damned fool idealistic crusade"

    Oh and also an article from Entertainment Weekly:,6115,3...oonmay,00.html

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    that EW report pretty much confirms it ALL!

    now... let's get to the details and confirmation of the pick-up!
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    Originally posted by Darth Trymybestus
    I guess we'll find out the status of Anakin Skywalker, I thought that would leave the order and go and live on Tatooine with Padme after he married her at the end of Attack of the Clones.
    Ben Kenobi mentions about how Owen Lars said that Anakin shouldn't have gotten involved and he shouldn't have followed Obi-Wan on a "damned fool idealistic crusade"

    He still might. I just thought it would make more sense for the story line if he did. They can tell the story of the Clone Wars without Obi-Wan if they wanted to make Anakin's fate a surprise. But they could find out about Anakin's marriage later, but still before Episode 3.

    I just think it would make more sense if Obi-Wan gets a new padawan, (to throw some mystery into "who is Darth Vader?" for new viewers) that Obi-Wan spends some time with the kid for the next 4 years, from age 13 to 17 for his new apprentice.

    "A YOUNG JEDI named Darth Vader, WHO WAS A PUPIL OF MINE BEFORE HE TURNED TO EVIL, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi. HE BETRAYED AND MURDERED YOUR FATHER."

    So it must be plausible, while watching ANH, that Anakin was ambiguously killed (by Obi-Wan, or in a suicide attempt by Anakin in the same said fight) and that another apprentice of Obi-Wan's was jealous of Anakin, had a motive for murder, as well as dark tendancies, incomplete training, etc., and also meet an ambiguous end (although at some point in the movie, it can be later inferred that he DID INDEED DIE, either at the Separatists' hands, or Palpatine's!

    Then you'll wonder if it's true - or even possible - when Darth Vader tells Luke that he is his father.

    This is a 12 hour movie - not a "how to make a Sith Lord documentary" for fans who already know who Darth Vader is.

    Your final 6-disc DVD collection should be shown IN EPISODE ORDER to any child of yours, or friend of yours, who has NEVER seen Star Wars.

    Then Episode 3, and even 4, as well as / especially as 5 will seem particularly dark. This is the way it is supposed to be in drama.
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    Originally posted by Nexu
    Does anyone else feel the way I do, or am I alone?
    I wouldn't care about an animated series. I wouldn't watch it because I don't get Cartoon Network . . . if I COULD watch it, I guess I would but I'm not really excited by the news or anything.

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    I get Cartoon Network and I know I would definitely be tuning in!

    -and Caesar, that's a really scary picture you have there.

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    A couple more reports have come out from AICN, that pretty much confirms that the Animated Clone Wars series is a reality. Here is both reports.

    Hello believers in the force, Harry here... Well, since posting this story, some interesting things have happened. I've heard stories about Cartoon Network execs migrating north from Hollywood to LucasLand, hush hush whispers around the toony halls that this is indeed happening. The word I'm hearing is that the show will be about the 3 year gap between the last film and the next film, as the rumor has it that the next film begins with the last major battle of the Clone Wars... The show would purportedly show us the rest. Now TheForce.Net has been doing some confirming of their own, and have found that indeed AICN, Me and my source were dead on correct. HOWEVER, they found out that in addition, LucasFilm independently and on their own have created a full pilot internally!!! That pilot could only come from either ILM or LucasArts game division... I'm betting ILM. Is it possible that we'll be seeing a high grade CG animated series from the wizards of Marin County? We'll have to wait for announcements - or the next installment of leaks to TheForce.Net or myself or one of the other cybersnoops online! Exciting... Isn't this?

    The Latest on CLONE WARS Animated Series!!!

    Hey folks, Harry here. Today I was contacted by a source inside the Cartoon Network that said it was about time I figured out they were doing something with Lucas and STAR WARS. It seems that they are not in advance talks for the CLONE WARS, they've signed the deal. It's done. Complete... A Sure Thing.

    The format will be serialized shorts to keep with the Star Wars Serial motif. These will not be half hour adventures, but more in the line of short films. These animated shorts will play inbetween two regular half hour cartoons in a fixed slot.

    Genndy Tartakovsky (SAMURAI JACK fame) will produce - and the early development designs have evidently been pretty close to SAMURAI JACK in style, thus far, but currently they are in the middle of a whole new set of designs, so my source at the Cartoon Network isn't sure exactly how it'll come out, just the path they've been on thus far.

    I'll stay on this series like mayo on peanut butter!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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