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    Exclamation Clone Wars: The Animated Series

    This was just posted over at AICN. I hope it ends up being true, as it would be a great way to tell the story of the Clone Wars going on between E2 and E3. Bring on the Clone Wars!! Plus there was some rumblings of a huge Shadows of the Empire event crossing all products, books, toys, comics, not to long ago. Could one of those products be an Animated Series? Let's pray.

    CLONE WARS Animated Series on CARTOON NETWORK!!!

    Hey folks, Harry here... As always my spies in Lucasfilm, well... pretty much they kickass. I love em, because as always they provide me with the ability to see and hear things far before the average person. So much so at times that the news seems made up, but in reality... It's just out there waiting for the rotation of the earth to pass round the sun enough times to catch up to the news.

    This came from a source that I ABSOLUTELY TRUST, he/she/it has been providing news to AICN for years out of Lucasfilm - and he/she/it doesn't drop the ball. I'm told that very very few people know the following bit of info, so getting confirmation on it will most likely be a *****, but since this sort doesn't tickle the jewels without following through, I'm going with it.

    There have been top secret meetings between Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network, and they are in ADVANCE DISCUSSIONS to do an immense animated series called CLONE WARS. The time frame is still being discussed as either starting the year before Episode 3 hits theaters, or the Summer of Episode 3. Lucas is negotiating for a huge 50-60 episode order!!!

    I just hope that they get smart and get some of the talent that worked on DROIDS a billion years ago that has evolved into somebody super great at the Animated Series... How cool would it be if they brought on Paul Dini to be a Writer/Producer for this? Can you ******* imagine? Ok, that's me being a fanboy, but dammit, nobody writes better toons on TV! NOBODY! This news will most likely be denied till Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network are ready to Announce, but you heard it here first!

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    Oh boy. Please please please let this be true. Im getting the VCR out of the closet and blowing the dust off it as we speak!

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    Doesn't it seem to make more sense to get the show running ASAP and have it continue all the way to May 2005. That way the show can end just as Episode III begins. It'd be a good idea for two reasons. First, tell the Clone Wars in "real-time." Second, it'd probably stir up the merchandising more.
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    Well, there were two figures on early Hasbro lists, that seemed to tie into this big cross promotion deal that is supposed to happen. If you will recall early Hasbro lists, Yoda: Clone Wars and Kit Fisto: Clone Wars are on the way sometime in 2003. So that seems to lend some credibility to the story.

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    (Homer) Ohhhhh... Animaaaaaaaaation... Prriiiiiittttttyyyy... Aaaahhhhhhh....

    I would love to see this happen! I would hope that this would come out sooner than later. I would hope that the animation wold rate above the droids/ewoks cartoons. I loved the stories, but the animation was too basic. A little more accuracy in the character would be nice. Still I would embrace this if it came to pass!!! :happy:
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    Wow- that is way too cool. I hope this comes true. If they do decide to follow any of the main characters form the movies, I hope they get the real actors to do the voices. Or just follow seperate groups of Jedi, and not our hero's form the movie. Maybe just mention them from time to time. For now, I'm crossing my fingers.

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    While I pretty much creamed myself when I read JJB's initial post.......lets just all calm down here, folks.

    While this would be INCREDIBLE.............. it just sounds TOO good to be true.

    ...still, I bloody well hope it is

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    animated = cgi???
    I dont want to sell you death sticks, i want to go home and rethink my life.

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    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope this is true! I'm SO, SO, SO excited that I keep repeating myself!!! Hopefully, if it is true, it will also bring the release of the Droids and Ewoks cartoons on DVD, or atleast a re-run on TV!

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    Originally posted by SQueek
    animated = cgi???
    I'd rather they troll Japan for the best anime talent and use the animation style. I think it would work perfectly for an sw cartoon.


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