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    Thumbs up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Well I just came home from the DC premere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. AMAZING! SUSPENCEFUL! GREAT!

    *minor spoilers*
    -Dobbie the house elf reminded me of a masochistic Jar Jar Binks.
    -The basalisk looked like a serpentine Godzilla.

    CGI- AWESOME! I also like the way they showed more arial views. I found nothing bad about the film. Richard Harris played his role well! More than well- SUPERB!
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    I'm really looking forward to this movie, almost as much as TTT.
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    I'm going to see it tomorrow, can't wait !!!

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    I'm looking forward to this one as well. My copy of the soundtrack shipped yesterday, so I should get it soon. (My fingers are crossed that I get the Harry cover.)

    I just finished reading HP&TGoF. . . Man, I wish Book 5 was coming out soon. That book's got an ESB-class cliffhanger ending!
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    I'll be seeing it tomorrow. Woo hoo!

    El Chuxter, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has recently been finished by J.K. Rowling. Now she needs to edit and get it published, ao it will be out sometime in the spring.

    I heard that this time around, they had nine months to finish the CG effects, unlike Sorcerer's Stone's three months. No wonder Firenze and Voldemort looked so damn fake.
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    I saw it last night, opening night. I thought it was pretty good. It was interesting to see Harry, Ron and Hermione a little older. But I thought they all did a fantastic job.

    Richard Harris did a fantastic job as Dumbledore. Better than the first. And also Alan Rickman whos one of my favorite actors, great job as Professor Snape. That snake at the end looked just like Godzilla -from the Matthew Brodrick film version. Not much imagination to it.

    I want to get the CD but I want the Dumbledore cover. Wizards rule!
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    Yep! It was good, but I'm not that excited about it. I'm glad I saw it... it was good entertainment.

    ...I liked it better than the first one- and I liked that one quite a bit as well.
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    I thought that the first one was better. I was disappointed that Harry was too passive in the first hour. It seemed that the ending of the first film pointed to Harry becoming more self confident.

    Also, a lot of the film seemed to rehash the first film's gimmicks (the dark forest, invisibility cloak, et al), but without the sense of wonder and discovery. Finally, I thought the revealing of the villain was lackluster.

    I heard that the actors may be replaced as they get older, but I think they fit the roles nicely. I have not read any of the books but I heard that they age in the books, so I don't see why they are concerned with the actors aging in real life.

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    If you haven't gone to see it yet make sure to stay after the credits, there is an added bonus thereafter.

    I thought that Richard Harris was looking really sickly, (spoiler)

    but when he switched to younger Dumbledore he wasn't acting that way at all. He was just in charachter for really old Dumbledore. Although he acted more sickly in this one than in the last one.
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    Great film! I like it better than the first!

    A lot of book stuff was cut out, presumably for time. However, this is still a 2:40 movie. I wonder how long Goblet of Fire will be, seeing as that book's at least twice as long as the other three (so far).

    Dobby was right on, and the entire cast proved again how wonderfully cast they were. I hope too many of the kids don't grow up too fast; it's hard to imagine anyone else playing Harry, Hermione, Ron, or Draco. Branagh was perfect as Lockhart (though I'd liked to have seen more of his incompetence, as in the novel). Nice to see that Kevin's finally redeemed himself for that lousy Confederate cyborg role in Wild Wild West.

    The soundtrack is even better than the first! Fawkes' theme is one of the best Williams has done in years, and the other new themes are nearly as good. This is a must-buy for any fan of movie scores.

    Five stars, no question! If not for AOTC (and possibly LOTR:TTT), this would be the best film of 2002, bar none.
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