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    The Preview 4 (Spoilers......)

    I read over at Rebelscum that they had a reliable source stating next year a preview assortment of 4 figures containing Zam Wessel, Jango Fett, Pilot Battle Droid, and Super Battle Droid would be comming out.
    I read from another reliable source that another assortment with Captain Typho and company would be the preview assortment.
    Does anyone really have thier **it together on this yet or are all these speculation? Considering preview figures slated for January of next year are less than 3 months away, I would think someone, somewhere would have somekind of definite plans by now.
    April 22nd is less than 6 months away at this point as well. Shouldn't we be seeing tons more EII figures at this point besides the one Obi-Wan? Shouldn't FINAL...VERIFIED lists of assortments be out there by now?

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    I agree with Indiana and wonder the same things as he, but just wanted to take this opportunity to comment on how much I like this case! Jango, Zam Wessel, Pilot Droid, and Super Battle Droid in one case? I thought I heard before that instead of one of the droids, it'd be the Clone Trooper? Either way, this is a way-useful case!

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    I don't think it really matters because whatever sources they are, nothing is set until HAsbro says so. Either way, we will be getting some cool figures.
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    As far as a final on the sorts...

    I think I can sum it all up in a few simple words...

    ...Shmi Skywalker & Lott Dodd- planned, delayed or never released.
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