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    Memorabilia - cheap shot for sympathy and ego-massage!

    Okay guys, I need lots of 'aaaah's now. I have an infection in my leg called cellulitis which causes the leg to swell and go blood red. The only treatment is heavy antibiotics and for the affected the leg to be raised for at least a week. This kicked in over the weekend and today is the first day I've really been well enough to trawl the net.

    Basically the main downside of all of this, and the point of this seemingly pointless ramble, is that I now have to miss Memorabilia this weekend!

    I'm gutted, so gutted! I've been looking forward to this sincde August. It was all planned... Go up on Friday, see the family, toys on Saturday I know it was four days before payday but I could still have picked up some treats, and met some of you guys too!

    Anyway, that's my story. Pity me!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    You have my pity

    Nov Memorabilia is always the high point of my collecting year. My B'day is Nov 22 so it's an ideal opportunity for my Mum and my better half to show how much they love and appreciate me by spending their hard earned money on childrens toys.
    Perhaps you could rig up some kind of elongated wheel chair that keeps your leg vertical and then rope in some poor sucker to push you around.

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    My family will probably go without me!!! My aunt loves rummaging and has her own, non-SW areas of collecting. oh well.. I don't place orders with her though as she ends up getting the wroing item!!!

    Happy Birthday BTW for next week. I was 30 a month ago and was getting the Gunship. It's now due, apparently, 1st week in December. It'sa good excuse to kepp celebrating.
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    A bath chair like the Victorians used would be good, that has an elongated front because it's a tricycle base. Or perhaps a hospital trolley so you could pile up the goodies underneath. No, hope you get better soon poorly paulus. I've never been to Memorabillia, heard it's good but I've also heard that the prices can be very inflated. I suppose if you're an autograph hunter it's a good place to get them with the guests at these events but i noticed that it nearly always seems to be the same few guests every event. How many times can you get, say - Kenny Bakers autograph eh?

    Oh and here's the pity...


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    I've always found the prices very good. Due to the fact there are so many dealers there the prices are forced down due to competition. Unlike the high street where there is basically one local specialist if you're lucky so they can charge what they like; a la forbidden planet.
    The exception is very new stuff. There is usually only one or two dealers with the newest stuff, Star Toys for instance, and for that you always pay a premium, but no more than you would ordering by mail.
    The other advantage to Memorabilia is you get what I like to call the car boot factor. Occasional stalls that appear to be people who aren't dealers by trade with utterly random collections of toys they are just selling. From these people you occasionally find old hard to find stuff at reasonable prices cos the guys selling it have no clue to it's collectible value.
    I'm personally hoping to find a POTF2 darth vader lightsaber at a decent price as I shattered mine moving house recently.
    It's also good for my second collection, X-men comics, as you can pick up really cheap back issues.

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    Sorry to hear you are unable to go to memo , gibbspaulus.

    Huge shame, would have been great to have a big meet up.

    This will be the first time that I have ever been to Memo of anykind, so I am looking forward to it. Hope to buy myself lots of early Christmas and Birthday prezzies.

    Wish you a speedy recovery
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Never mind Gibbspaulus, if there's a bar there i'll have a pint in your honour. For those of you that are going, I'll be there tomorrow, with a seriously bored wife in tow (payback for many Saturday afternoons trudging round clothes shops, haha!) But I'm hoping to get my 300th Boba Fett signed by Jeremy Bulloch. How much do they charge for signing your own item?
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    Bad luck - hope the leg is better soon. The mother of a friend of mine had the same complaint a few weeks ago - she said it wasn't pleasant, but she's better now.

    I know how awful the feeling of "bad timing" can be - my VCR blew up a couple of weeks ago, right in the middle of recording the last episode of The League of Gentlemen - I hit the roof!

    Anyway, I shan't be going to Memorabilia either - can't afford the time or the expense at present!
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    Originally posted by mightywhelk
    I'm hoping to get my 300th Boba Fett signed by Jeremy Bulloch. How much do they charge for signing your own item? [/B]
    Most celebrities charge about 10 for a signature, 15 with a photo supplied by themselves. Some have been known to charge more.

    I'm hoping to get one of my Silver R2's signed by Kenny Baker.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    10 for someone's signature?
    Screw that.
    My collections


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