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    New padme picture

    a scan of the new toyfare #65 of the new padme showed earlier by hasbro

    the fig looks cool IMO, the face is the same (sreaming) but it looks as if you can pose her in a somewhat neutral pose
    I guess I'll get her for my arena (though it's not really correct since the clothes are torn in the arena) just with her face facing the back of the dio so you won't see that face...
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    I'm doing a head swap on this one. I saw the pic in the magazine and thought she looked like she was B-tching someone out!
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    Looks nice, can't wait to see it hanging on the pegs
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    ...not that I don't LIKE the figure, but...
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    I just want to know what she is saying in that picture, that's all
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    "Get away from me Anakin! You stink! You've been running around in that outfit for DAYS- killing Tusken Raiders, burying your mom, and now fighting those big A*$ bugs! No... I don't want you to kiss me. No... I don't want you to touch me! Just go take a shower and change your clothes!!!"

    I think that's what she's saying...
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    Not bad. Suprised she can stand up straight, the flowing cape looks bad though, I hope it's removeable. The face still looks bad with the yelling look, didn't they figure out by now with Geo Mace and all these yelling Anakins that they CANNOT pull that look off?
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    What other head could u use for this one?
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    Looks good, even with the mouth open some. It doesn't look as bad as the first pictures we saw of it. Can't wait to pick her up. As for what head to use, if you don't like this one. Just use the head from the original craptaculer Padme figure.

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    ahhh this figure looks awesome, it's mucho better than the Padme Amidala arena figure, I'll definitely be getting this one and dare I say it.. it's the best Padme figure yet!

    This does raise the question of... if we've got a Padme Amidala Geonosis Droid Factory.. will we get an Anakin Skywalker Geonosis Droid Factory complete with articulation, metal lightsaber and a cloak? here's hoping!

    If I win the lottery, I will buy Hasbro and as my first act I will create a grand figure of an Anakin Skywalker - Geonosis Droid Factory figure
    I seriously think that if we're gonna get an Anakin Skywalker figure with a cloak, this should be the scene that it should be from
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