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    I went to a KB and TRU today and between the two i seen three Crossbow Uruk Hais. I picked two of them up but one had pigeon toes. Anybody know if that can be straightened out easily or is it really no big deal, just how they packaged him? I like his helmet, very cool looking. The detail on the figure isnt bad either.
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    No Cross Bow Hais yet but I did see Prologue Bilbo for the 1st time in person with a bunch of SP Gollums at Target. I passed only because I have him and Elrond coming from KB in the mail in a few days.
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    JJ im relly interested in the theoden in armor, HD aragorn, and strider! LMK how much each or if you can hook me up w/ a deal or something!! THANX PM me..

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    You have been PM'd! I put Prologue Bilbo on layaway at TRU yesterday, 2nd time I've been in there, and no one had picked him up yet. The pkg is a little beat up which likely explains that. I wasn't too keen on him in the beginning, but looking at my little display of Hobbitses, they needed Bilbo there for guidance.

    I'll be checking into "Toy Spenders Anonymous" this time next week......

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    I'll be seeing you at the next meeting then jjreason! I walked into KB this afternoon to find Eowyn in Armor, Gandalf the Very White and Crossbow Hais! I picked up the Crossbow Hai -what a great looking figure! He might make my favorite LOTR figure list.

    Speaking of that, and I've asked it before of the LOTR Guide site but I'd like to ask it here. What are our favorite LOTR figures? Say like your Top 5 or 10.

    I'll post mine soon.
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    I'm definitely in that club... I just can't resist any new ToyBiz LOTR I see. I buy it no matter what it looks like. It's borderlining obsession, probably unhealthy too

    I got the Crossbow Uruk today too, and this really is one sweet figure, He definitely makes my top 10. I would list only 5, but there are so many great ones. This list is just off the top of my head, so I may change my opinion as I start looking at & remembering my stuff:

    1) Sauron
    2) Treebeard
    3) Rohan Armor Legolas
    4) Haldir
    5) Prolog Elven Warrior
    6) Crossbow Uruk Hai
    7) Armored Eowyn
    8) Warg w/Sharku
    9) Gimli (from the FOTR 2pack w/Uruk)
    10) Travelling Bilbo

    I don't know, it's a tough thing to decide, but those ones do stand out in my mind immediately. I do love all the horse & rider sets, and the orc armored hobbits are just awesome as well. Hell, I love all of 'em (even the height challenged Eomers)!

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    Here's mine...

    1. Haldir
    2. Legolas (TTT)
    3. Prologue Elf
    4. Elvyn Archer
    5. Crossbow Urk-Hai
    6. Gimli (from FOTR 2-pack)
    7. Gangalf the White w/ Shadowfax
    8. Saruman (because I love Christopher Lee!)
    9. 18" Treebeard
    10. Pelenor Fields Aragorn

    *Interesting how my 1st 4 are Elves.
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    Is the 2 pack Gimli any different than the other ones? I have 2 - one from the FOTR 9 pack, and one from the Helm's Deep set, and they're identical. How does the one from the 2 pack differ?

    Here's my list (mind you, I don't have nearly one of every figure to choose from)

    1. Gimli - axe throwing action, from 9 pack or Helm's Deep set.
    2. Legolas in Rohan Armor
    3. Faramir
    4. Prologue Elf
    5. Haldir
    6. Easterling
    7. Elven Archer

    The rest are good, but not up to the standard set by these ones.

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    a cape and maybe a few axes! thats about it!

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    Here's my list:

    1- Prologue Elf
    2- King Theoden in Armor
    3- Treebeard
    4- Sauron
    5- Helm's Deep Legolas
    6- Haldir
    7- Eomer
    8- Elrond
    9- Gandalf the White
    10- Grishnahk


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