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    It looks like a costume to me. I was able to pick up a Prolouge Bilbo today. I wish he came with a few more accesories, hes kind of a boring figure IMO. I do think we will see a Hobbit in one format (movie, tv series) someday. I think its money in the bank if done right and no movie studio on Earth would pass that up.
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    i think its fake!! and i read on another board that its a doctored photo of the sauron fig!!

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    Well I hope it's fake....... It really doesn't look as cool as I invisioned it.

    It does bear a heavy resembelance to the Sauron figure too, I hope your right!

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    I picked up AOME Legolas & Gimli on Houseback. Very cool! They actually come off the horse too! I'm really looking forward to that Elf set w/ Haldir and the Hobbit set w/ Boromir.
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    Went into my local WalMart looking for new Star Wars(none)...and found ROTK pkg. Urak Hai w/crossbow. Awesome!
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    That AOME legolas/gimli horse is great! I got that one, and the wraith #2 & Warg #2. All 3 have removeable riders, so I'm betting that the Rohan horse set does too.

    I also caved in and bought the Moria environment (spending way to much on this stuff...). This thing looks great in person. Much better than the picture on the box, especially the Balrog. His flames & whip are actually a orange/yellow clear plastic (not the pasty yellow pictured on the box). And it appears to me that he has better paint detail on his body as well.

    Here's a few pics:
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    whoa the balrog does look alot better then the box and nice pics BTW!!

    neways i totally thought that the balrog had legs and was removable but hes not right? that sux big time!!!!!

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    Saw Armored Cave Troll by Toy Biz at Ellicott City, MD TOys R Us. Nice detail on added costume, same old troll in new blue box. NO price marked, though..I passed for now.
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    Definitely more interested in the Blarog now that I've seen those pictures. I do wich they had made the entire figure and not cut him into chunks...

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    my new precious

    I know it's(he's) not to scale with anything...but talking Smeagol/Gollum rules. Good price point at 19.99 at Toys R Us!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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