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    I don't mind the new pkg (because I open everything) and that Aragorn as the King figure is flawless. I'll be very happy to finally own what looks to be a good likeness of Viggo. Took em long enough.

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    I've often thought about getting into the LOTR 12" figures, but then I saw the roto 11" figures which look better IMO even though the packaging is awful and they are less expensive. Does anyone have any info on which is the better figure and why the rotos are cheaper?

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    The Rotos are cheaper because they are a tad smaller and dont contain any of the cloth used in making the 12" figures- making them a lot cheaper.

    I'm not big on the Rotos myself, just imagine if Sideshow made LOTR 12" figures! I've not bought any of the 12" though the Wraith was cool looking.
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    I like the old packaging better. The new packaging is "o.k."
    I might have to pass on the Legolas...looks like HD Legolas!! Is it???
    The other figures look cool. I'll have to get them when I see them! The archer looks the best. Here's to hoping that the price will go to $5.99!!!
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    One of my KBs just got in a case of Two Towers figures on clearence for $5.99 including several Prologue Elves and Galadriels. Keep an eye on those KBs for any youy might have missed. Just in case any Twilight Frodos happen too show.
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    My TRU put out a large selection of TTT stuff about a wek ago as well, I finally saw Galadriel at retail for the first time (but passed anyway). They had at least 3 Berzerker/Archer 2 packs as well, but they were all gone when I went back. No Twilight Frodo to speak of. These were all put out with the newer selection of ROTK figures, which at my store included the first appearances of Crossbow Uruk (huge), Armored Eowyn and (better late than never) the Armored Hobbits wave with the toys pictured on the packages. I think we're nearly caught up now.

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    My KB has all LOTR and TTT figs discounted to 5.99. Why aren't otherstores doing that? Seems like KB is moving them with all the new stuff they keep putting out.

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    I made a trip to Gamestop this past friday, and noticed that they had all of their first release AOME three-packs (and presumably the horse and rider sets as well, although there were none left by the time I got there) discounted to $2.99 each! Since I actually started my collection late, I went ahead and picked up all but the Soldiers of Rohan set for only about ten bucks after tax! Awesome deal, if ya ask me! I'll be going back when I get paid to pick up more if there are any left. These things are frikkin' incredible!
    My brother also tells me that he saw the Sauron/Elendil/Isildur three-pack at Target last week. That's the one I was actually searching for when I made the Gamestop find!

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    On the $5.99 thing, I was refering to brand new figures. I heard the price might go to $5.99. Wal Mart's price is roughly $6.99, TRU is $8.99, kb is $9.99, and target is $6.99. I heard that these prices might go to $5.99 when the figures in the brand new package come around.
    One way to out think people is to make them think you think they'll think what you are not really trying to get them to think what you think.

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    My WalMart continues to astound and amaze, today I found another full case of Armored Theoden/Sam in Mordor figures from TTT (with no Twilight Frodo's of course). They also had Helm's Deep 5 packs, which I thought was supposed to be a TRU exclusive. Last but not least they had a large box of AOME figures all together for 34.99. It included Aragorn and Gandalf mounted figures, a battering ram and assorted other soldiers to do battle with. Big savings for the money I think, but I'll need to look at it more closely next time I go.

    My TRU is having a 9.99 sale on the basic figures, but there weren't any I can't wait to get. Armored Eowyn and Prologue Bilbo were both there, 3 of each. No rush. The rest of the ROTK stuff I've seen hasn't really been blowing me away to the point where I have to have it. Crossbow Uruk being the exception.


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