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    Yeah, I hope I find a Sauron eventually. However I did just get my Legolas from Amazon, and it rules!
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    Does anybody know when the next wave of figures is supposed to show up? All I can find now is Gandalf the White and Eomer.
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    It's official! The new Gollum figure from Toy Biz that will be released in the 4th wave is going to be a bendy figure, not a hidden-joint figure like the Horse riders. I just hope its a well done bendy figure somewhat like the fingers on the Marvel Legends Thing.
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    Cool! I didn't want him standing up like he is in the pictures. I want some FotR hunching going on! And so long as it is decent, a bendy figure should be able to do just that.
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    i just got sauron, after passing on him about a month ago. i didn't pass because he isn't kewl though. actualy he's awesome!!! possibly one of the best figures made, equal with toy-biz's marvel legends.

    and the voice, man is it ever loud. usually, electronic figures are pretty lame, but not sauron.

    i'm disapointed borimer is being re-released. i'm no fan of resculpts, but this character needs to be re-done. i don't like the horn blowing gimmick and the articulation on him stinks.

    i really wish merry and pippin weren't in the twin packs, because i really don't want to have to buy them again.

    toy biz rules the 6 inch market. these are so cool.
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    Rock the Casbah!!!!

    Gollum gonna be a bendy fig!!! Woohooo!!! These figures rock...and my friends wonder why i check the LOTR figures first before i hit the SW figures.
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    Xizor, I found this in an early post about the release dates of figures, hope this helps, cause it's what i'm going on!!

    Aragorn in Helm's Deep Armor
    Frodo with Light-up sting
    Prologue Elf
    Twi-Light Ringwraith
    Legolas Helms Deep

    Series 4 is set to come out next July, and has:

    Sam in Mordor
    Twi-light Frodo
    Theoden in Armor
    Gimli from 2-pack
    Boromir from 2-pack

    And series 5, set to come out in February

    Beserker Uruk-Hai
    Ringwraith from Horse and Rider Set
    Moria Orc
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    I saw Sauron at TRU today (But didn't purchase it)...I know I am collecting SW stuff but the LOTRs figures are terribly, terribly tempting...Especially the Twilight Ringwraith...
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    i just got the Ringwraith/Horse set today. very, very nice! though i was wondering how the single packaged aragorn compares with the one from the horse rider set?
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    The single Aragorn looks like hes homeless. My brother gave him to me and he looks real scurvy and hes got an ugly facial expression on his face. With a face like that he would fit right in with the Cash Money Millionaires cause they made them same ugly faces (for those not familiar with the CMM just picture some rappers looking as if they just smelled something funky) on their wack cd covers. So in short i do think that the Aragorn w/horse would be better. Hey does anybody else notice that some LOTR figures are pigeon -toed sometimes? My rohirrim soldier looks like he has to take a leak.
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