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    Is it not more accurate that the ring should also be invisible while being worn? I'm pretty certain that this is consistent with the books, but certainly this was the case when these same characters wore the ring in the films. The only inaccuracy then, would be that Bilbo is sculpted holding his ring rather than wearing it (in which case he should not be invisible anyway), and the other two figures have no ring sculpted around their fingers.

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    Well, I picked up two LOTR figs from the Trilogy Collection this weekend. FOTR Gandalf with light-up Staff and FOTR Legolas with Dagger Slashing and Bow-and-Arrow Actions. Nice figures.
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    RooJay, having not remembered anything from the books, I wouldn't have any idea. But having picked up FOTR and TTT at Target yesterday for $25 each, I'll let you know if the ring is visable in the "twilight" scenes in that film. My memory says it is, and it's even eminating light beams from it though, but I don't trust my memory that much.

    Chazz, which Gandalf head did you get, the "huh???" face or the determined face? Gandalf was my first figure in the line, picked him up last month and then picked up the Legolas you mentioned a week later (though I still haven't opened him because I also picked up the ROTK Legolas with 2 daggers, bow & arrows, and super-articulation that day and it's my favorite figure so far) alongside Gimli and TTT Helm's Deep Aragorn. They're all awesome, though TTT Aragorn is a gimmicky figure and needs a better head and paint job.
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    Sorry, that was a rhetorical question. It is, in fact, more accurate that the ring be invisible also while being worn (in the books and in the films). I apologize for that wee bit of facetiousness on my part.

    I'm pretty certain I'm going to end up carving the sculpted ring out of the hand of Bilbo once I get him - for accuracy's sake of course - and just pretending that the ring is just too small to have shown up as a sculpted element on these guys.

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    I found a new batch here at TRU today, lots of variety. I was excited to find 2 Gandalf the Greys but passed as neither had the cloth cloak. May go back and see about the ROTK Legolas, but he didn't jump out at me - I'm happy with the 3 I have already.

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    Gandalf didn't have the cloth cape? That's strange, both new versions are supposed to have it. Though I only have the "huh???" face one, so I cant really say for sure.

    It's folded up and packed behind the figure in the package. Are you sure you just didn't see it? No cloth cape would be a "rare variation" (if you're into that sorta thing...).

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    See, there's another perfectly good example of me being on the pipe. I figured by cape everyone meant whole freakin' outfit. Maybe I need to get back there ASAP and make sure I didn't pass up a figure I really wanted. Both of the faces appeared to be exactly like my old one - with the front teeth showing instead of the deadly stare shown on the back of the green packages. Definitely need to go reevaluate what I found though, thanks for the tip.

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    No problem bud, hope you end up getting the one you want.

    I scored a Trilogy twilight frodo the other day, and I notice it's a little different from the TTT & boxed set. He's not cast in quite as clear plastic as the others or something, it almost looks frosted. I think I like the more clear version better...

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    ROOJAY, my twilight frodo from my bearers three pack HAS the ring on his finger. I can see the gold paint. Maybe yours is different. The Bilbo has the ring on his palm and the gollum just doesn't have a ring. LOL!!!!!!!
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    According to reports, LOTR had pictures of the Mouth of Sauron figure posted and then got ordered to take it down. I'm scouring the net trying to find this figure's picture and am hoping that somebody at LOTR Guide sends it to me. I'll post if i find it.
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