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    I promised myself I wouldn't cave in and buy a twilight figure. Now I just went and bought the bloody box of three. My other half is mad at me for buying cheap crud. "They're not even painted and they cost as much!" but he likes the LOTR figures too so it wasn't a big problem.

    Looking forward to getting my paws on the TABA box set now. Saw that weirdy purple packaged box set the other day and walked right by. Dull contents.

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    The only one I'm interested in is Frodo. I made a deal recently that should have him on his way to my house within the next week or so, and at a reasonable price. Very happy ToyBiz decided to re-release him.

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    JediTricks, The Gandalf head on my fig is the "Determined Look" head. Man, I love these figures!
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    Went back and checked the Gandalfs at my TRU. They did have the cloth cape, so I went ahead and got him. Gladly enough, upon my return home I see that it is the new head sculpt as well. Excellent figure! Managed to dig up a Travelling Bilbo during my search as well so came too. Both very nice.

    Bit of a downer, I noticed my King Aragorn has a large chip of paint missing on his armband. Trying to decide if I can get someone to touch him up or if I need to buy a whole new figure. I'll likely opt for the touch up. Many of the latter ones I've found have better beard paint aps than mine, so I'll likely sit on the fence for about it for a while.

    Still no Witch King or King of the Dead figures yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Chazz
    JediTricks, The Gandalf head on my fig is the "Determined Look" head. Man, I love these figures!
    Yeah, that's the one I got too. That figure totally brought me around, these are awesome figures. Every time I walk by my Gimli, TTT Aragorn, Gandalf, & ROTK Legolas posed next to each other, I have to stop and hum the main theme. It's so amazing how well these little $6 figures can capture the feel of the film for me.

    What's this talk of cloth cape on Gandalf? I'm confused.
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    The cloth cape on Gandalf the grey:
    (Gandalf the white only comes with the plastic cloak)

    The original Gandalf the grey (in the older green FOTR package) had the same body, but came with a molded plastic outer cloak.

    The re-release of this Gandalf in the Fellowship of the ring gift set had a fabric cloak instead (then they started packing the old plastic one for some reason).

    The newer trilogy Gandalf the grey has two headsculpts, and comes with the fabric outer cloak packed behind the figure in the package.

    Hope this helps clear it up for you!
    They've got great pictures of all the different versions here if you want to see 'em:

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    Thanks for the explanation! My first Gandalf was from the FOTR 9 pack, and came with the plastic cape (and a staff that never lit up ). I feel much happier with this new one, the face is miles better (the capes are both fine to me).

    I'm not getting the big deal on the new Legolas, he looks identical to my very nice TTT one with Rohan Armor. Super poseable, I guess, but is it that much better a figure? I've passed so far.

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    The ROTK Legolas has some different, thinner straps on his torso. And he has a silver shirt instead of a black one. Other than that, he's pretty much identical to the Rohan Armor/Helms Deep version (he has the same head as the Helms Deep one too).

    I think He looks pretty cool, but no better than the other versions. I would only buy him if you're into variations.

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    I think I'll leave him for the teenaged girls, at my TRU they're always flipping the pegs looking for Legolas! I wonder if that's why some people are having trouble finding him. No shortage here whatsoever.

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    LOL!! Chicks dig Orlando. The teenagers buy up all the different posters of him at Tower records too

    S'funny though, my fiance thinks he's ugly. She's all into Aragorn.......


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