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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    Hey I found the Minimates at TRU. I picked up the Aragorn, Saruman and Legolas set. Nice figures -especially Aragorn. Saruman's robes look a little weird but thats ok. Cant wait for the others!
    I was wondering if anybody had the SKU number from the 2 sets that are out. I've been calling many TRU in the DC area & nobody has a clue what I'm talking about.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    And now, for all you eager ladies and gentlemen. The first look at the NECA Balrog. This massive beauty will be winging it's way to shelves in 2005. Note that the picture is still an early prototype, and the final paint deco has not been applied to it. They already are aware the prototype is too orange at the moment. That will be fixed on the final version. Articulation and features are still being worked on. You can see and read more about the upcoming massive figure in Issue #124 of Tomarts.
    You shall not pass!

    Check your local newsstands for an exclusive first look at the upcoming Epic Scale Balrog Action Figure in the August issue of Tomart's Action Figure Digest. Issue #124 of Tomart's will present an in depth look at the making of the most anticipated large scale figure of ALL TIME.Check back for more images and details on this monumentous figure, scheduled for release in 2005.
    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Cool! Too bad they couldn't have thrown a Toybiz figure into that cover pic for size comparisson, though.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Good lord, it looks so awesome. I tip my hat to NECA. I am curious about size comparison to TB figs though. I guess i'll hafta wait till i find one to compare it!
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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    It does look awesome! I can't wait to get one.

    I saw a 18" Aragorn at Spencer gifts the other day. If I didn't already have one pre-ordered through BBTS, I would have bought it.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    I found a Toybiz Fell Beast today at TRU. He was $19.99 there. I know the beast is grossly underscaled, but the box art is beautiful. Some of the best packaging artwork I've seen.

    I think I'll be keeping mine sealed since the box looks so damn good.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Cool find on the fell beast. Im not suprised that it looks underscale, can you imagine the size and extra cost of a proper scaled one? As it is i will be picking one up with no complaining about its size, its far from being the biggest flaw in the LOTR toy line (can anybody say too many bendy crappy Gollum/Smeagols?) I havent seen any pictures of the box so im hoping that i will be pleasently suprised when i see it.

    EDIT: Does it include a Ringwraith? If so is it the same one from the horse and rider sets?
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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Hey Kool-aid,
    Yep: does include a ringwraith, and it does look like it's the same one from the horse and rider set.

    I saw a few more at another TRU the other day too, but the boxes were all cruched up.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Anyone know what's happening with the AOME line at Target? I've noticed that all of the playsets from the line have gone on clearance. The figure three-packs and horse and rider sets remain at regular price. Also, anyone know what the deal is with the Osgiliath Ruins/Fellbeast playset? I've seen the thing a grand total of two times, and was really hoping to have one someday.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Here's some really nice unpainted piccies of the Neca Balrog. With a 20 oz. bottle next to it for scale refrences. Looks really nicey nice.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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