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    Haha, I never payed much attention to that, but you are right. It's like saying "Bespinian guards" or something. Completely unnecessary. Thanks for the advice, I was sort of leaning towards Sauron anyway. Also, he is a bit less painful financially.
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    Yeah, Sauron is the shiznit! You should get him 1st like DarthCruel said. But I gotta say the Treebeard is just as awesome as Sauron. Looks really cool when you pose him with Merry & Pippin sitting on top of him. He's a definite must-buy as well.

    I think the best regular figures are the ones DarthCruel mentioned as well, plus the Elvin Archer & Berserker Uruk Hai 2 pack. Those are two sweet figures, especially the Berserker Uruk-Hai.

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    thanks everyone for their input on all the aragorn/strider figures. i wish i didn't pass up sauron the first time i saw it b/c i haven't been able to find one again.
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    I went to TRU today and got the last Sauron figure! And damn, it is cool! It is 10 times as good as anything Hasbro could ever dream of doing. The detail, articulation, mace, etc. is incredible. His voice is really loud, too! It's not that loud in the package, but when I took it out and tried it it actually hurt my ears! I'll probably get Treebeard next week, there were plenty of those. I highly recommend this figure to...well...everyone.
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    Don't forget the extra rings!!!

    Sauron comes with extra rings inside the box. A lot of people don't see them and toss them with the package.

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    I didn't. They are secret! They are safe!
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    Right on Sidious, I dig the new avatar! Is that the Sauron U just scored?

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    Yes, that's him. His eyes are glowing but it's really impossible to see in that pic. I'll probably get a better avatar of him soon. His voice is so loud it scares my cat, it's great. Man! I just can't get over how much better these are than the Saga figures!

    EDIT: Here is the new avatar, I liked the silhouette effect...I wish his eyes were glowing in that pic though...Oh well. By the way, could someone post a pic of the Strider figure (With torch (And sword, preferably))? I've never seen it. Thanks.
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    Just a heads up, for those who do not yet have one. My Target just got some Treebeard figures in at $24.99. I believe thats the best price anywhere so far.
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    Cool! Thanks for the info Jayspawn, I'll be sure to check it out next week. I'm after King Theodin or an Easterling, and there were a lot of them at Target. But if Treebeard is that cheap I'll get him. Oh, by the way, I found a pic of strider, nobody has to look anymore.
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