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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Quote Originally Posted by kool-aid killer
    So with the lines upcoming end, what all are figures are you guys missing out on? Im still after Theodred, the Citadel Guard, and the Mouth of Sauron. Once ive got those three (and the two from Epic Trilogy 2 that im after) i will be all caught up.
    TTT Orc Captain
    FOTR Peter Jackson
    TTT Twilight Frodo (original packaging)

    I think that's it. Might have to resort to ebay unless KB or some other clearance outlet get a shipment of old figs in.
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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    I found all of those . . . but then I sold them. I still have more in a thread I posted over at I have to sell my whole collection.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    Well, I caved in and got a set of series two figures on ebay. I think I got a pretty good deal. With shipping, it came to about $65. I got Mordor Orc Leuitenent, Flaming Sword Morgul Lord, Fiery ringwraith, Balrog battle gandalf, and Legolas.

    Cant wait to get the Mordor Orc, and Flaming Sword Morgul Lord. Those guys are the main reason I bought the set.

    I don't really want the Gandalf and Legolas. If anyone here wants 'em you can have 'em for $8 each, just LMK.

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    Re: Lord of the Rings figures

    I went to a KB yesterday and found the Citadel Guard, so now im only after four figures. Not bad, considering how difficult it was for me to obtain LOTR figures this past year.
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    KB is selling their lotr figures 3 for $10 this weekend!

    i managed to score a Fountain Guard and Hama! (for the 3rd one i picked an extra KOTD which hopefully i'll try to repaint)

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    I am very disappointed in the demise of this line of figures. ToyBiz did a wonderful job on them (except for the godless number of repacks). I will miss collecting this line tremendously.

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    It IS sad. This is likely my favorite set of loose figures - they've done a great job. I was also really impressed with the card changes - the Epic Trilogy cards are beautiful. I finally broke down and bought Gothmog and Eye of Sauron on these cards so that I'd have as many of them on ET cards as possible.

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    I've noticed that the prices on ebay for many of the older figures, up until the line switched to "Epic trilogy" have plateaued or have fallen a bit in case anyone is still missing figures from that era.

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    Taking a hint from Reefer, i got the last set of 5 (I didn't order the rehash Eowyn or Galadriel) and got them this week: Mordor Orc Lt (who looks great), Balrog Battle Gandalf (got'em), Witchking with Fire sword (nifty!), Legolas (eh) and Burning Ringwraith (likey!) i'm glad to have finally got this line under my belt. I have countless great memories collecting these figures, mostly driving around Columbus, OH with my buddy collector, Dave, blaring the LOTR score and other tunes, hunting for these things. While i'm sad to see it go, i understand and am actually grateful the line is finished. The figures were top notch 99% of the time and you can tell the sculptors were fans of the films as they put in so many great little details in the armor, clothing and weaponry. So many great figures and memories! Thank you, Toybiz, for doing Tolkiens work and PJ's films justice.

    on a side note, i so WOULD HAVE LOVED for the Orc Lt to have a soundchip that said, 'Catapults!" in taht high pitched squeak of his. But still, fantastic line!!
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    my local KB received more shipments of trilogy figures. i picked up an isengard orc and a lurtz today. and then last week, my local TRU got in at least 2 cases of epic trilogy wave 1, oddly enough and so i was able to get a gothmog on this particular card.


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