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    Not very exciting news at all, but ToyBiz is repacking Merry and Pippin in a pack together coming out in the next few waves. It's the same figures from the 'Fellowship' 3-pack but with elvyn cloaks. They'll be in the same package as the other "Two Towers" figures. For those who dont' have them yet- good chance to pick them up.
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    Man we're behind. I just got a Saruman today (one to keep for MYSELF THIS TIME!!!! -sorry, no one here took the other one) and that was hot off the press. We've only seen waves 1 and 2 so far. I hope they keep em coming as they keep selling out pretty quick.

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    Here's something I've never seen before: A LOTR 3 pack. If I was a "in the package" collector I would probably want this, it's kinda neat looking (if your into package variations).

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    In the UK, Woolworths exclusive 3-packs are really pegwarming. As far as I know they've only released one and it contains Gandalf the Grey, Sam and the Orc Overseer (I might be wrong about that last one).
    I think it retails for about 15. Which is about $24 US.
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    If that auction wasn't up to 110 dollars, I'd buy it.

    I don't have the original Wraith, or a Frodo.

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    I have read the books but I was just kinda browsing and by the time I got to post (Sauron and sarumon do look alike ya'know) I had forgot... but anyways I saw the pic of the figure and all I have to say is WOW! Can't wait to get it. Looks about as big as Treebeard!
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    Actually, while both are large figures, Sauron is ten inches tall while Treebeard is closer to two feet.

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    I have thought about making a large diorama with treebeard, Sauron, and the cave troll... how big is the cave troll? I have to get that one via internet bacause all the ones here have the faces ripped off
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    The cave troll is much larger than Sauron, probably about the size of Treebeard (1.5 - 2 feet) and broader than the Ent as well.

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    Just found Sauron in a store for the first time. I already got him as a present, but that was the first time I found him myself. Quite an exciting moment...

    And does anybody know anything more about that Helms Deep 5pk. Such as when it comes out, price, and if it is an exclusive?
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