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    Im hoping that this weekend i will be able to find sauron. Of all the LOTR figures he has been the only one that i cant find. Legolas i ran into three of them one day btw i feel kind of bad cause i bought them all, one for my sister, one for my mom, and one to trade. They wanted him cause he is "cute" Do you people think im dirty? Should i have left one for someone else?
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    Nah, there is nothing wrong with what you did, in my personal opinion. It's not like you were buying them so you could scalp them all on eBay. It is no different than if you went to the store with your mom and sister and each of you bought one. As for me, I went to WM and got Gandalf the White. As expected, he is a great figure. His robes could be a bit whiter, but that is my only gripe. The Glamdring is freaking awesome. I heard someone say on other forums that they wouldn't get this figure because Ian McKellen is homosexual. Who gives a crap? Someone who is that rude and ignorant and intolerant doesn't deserve to own a great figure like Gandalf.
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    I found the Gondorian Ranger on sale yesterday. I'd never wanted to get him before but I'm really glad I did. He's bloody great!!
    ToyBiz are really kicking *** with the TTT waves. Have you all seen that promotional pic of Eowyn and Prologue Bilbo? It's on I can't wait for Eowyn.
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    LOTR Mini-Figures

    The LOTR 3" mini-figures have been unveiled, and they look superb.
    I think the price-point is a problem though, as far as I understand it, Helms Deep is slated for $60.
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    I don't know if I like this idea of mini-figures...Well, I wont mind them, but I don't plan on collecting them (For financial reasons-without a job or anything I can really only collect 1 or 2 toy lines at a time) and I'll be very upset if they replace the 6" line... But if they don't replace it, I say let them stay.
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    Woah! Oh man, why did they have to do that? I don't know if I'll be able to resist those, they look awesome in these pics.

    That Ringwraith looks especially impressive. If these are as nice as they look here, and aren't crappy like those intelliblox things, I may just take a bite (not that I can afford to collect another line). Hopefully they won't be too expensive......

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    I kinda like the 3" figures. The playsets look pretty cool too. I prefer the 7" figures more. I'll probably get the 3" playset w/ Saruman the White. Christopher Lee rules!
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    Here's a link to a thread in which the makers of these new mini-figures are answering questions:

    It seems that the Balrog will not be a complete figure, but will be 3/4 of the figure, permanently attached to the base. I think that's a shame, but I'll probably still buy it.
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    It shouldn't be too much longer before the new figures start showing. I can't wait for that Prologue Elf.
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    I found the Army-Building wave at KB Toys yesterday. They had all of them. I was planning on getting them, but I have to save money for V-Day, and KB has them for $8.99. So I think I am going to wait to find them somewhere else or only get one of them, The Grishnak.
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