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    I'm not so sure about the Gollum figure. He seems to have very limited posability. Bendys are next to always terrible action figures. They stand next to never.
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    Oh man, Gollum is by far my most anticapated figure of this year, out of any line. That review makes me want it so much more...
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    I found some more Assortment 5 (army builders) this morning in a Los Angeles KB. I was surprised that the Moria Orc is only ONE per case - but I got him anyways.

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    huh, figures that would be the "one per case" fig. That's the only one I was planning on getting from this rehash wave.....

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    I'm skipping all the repackaged figures. I got most of them on clearance at KB when they came out the first time in Fellowship packaging.
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    I am hoping they repackage bilbo and elrond, then i will be thrilled!
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    We're getting a new Bilbo this year anyways, so theres not too much need for a repackaged version. A new Elrond from Rivendale would great!
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    Ahh, but how wrong you are. He was fairly difficult to find at retail, so Toybiz is repackaging him in the TTT box - plus the Prologue one as well

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    I want a repackaged Elrond too.
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    Amazon now has the gift set in stock for those who wanted it.
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