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    Wave 3 have been released in the UK
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    I can't wait either. I saw some great pictures a few days ago, it's looking to be a GREAT wave!
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    Count me in for can't waiting. I plan on getting the Elf and the Ringwraith right away. I shall have to see what others think of Aragorn first before purchasing him.
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    I got the Elf, Frodo, Aragorn and Galadriel and Aragorn isn't too bad really. I recomend picking him up.
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    Congrats on your find, Kadamontaga!! Please bear in mind i'm saying this while gritting my teeth cause i'm insanely jealous!!!! I've debating just ordering them from the UK myself cause i'm too giddy about these figures. I'll prolly wait till they hit the states though. Though, It's too tempting!!! ahhhhhhh!!! Congrats though!!
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    Kadamontaga, do you have any idea what the case breakdown is? Like are any of the figures much more short-packed than the others?
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    There are 2 different case assortments I think. Aragorn, Frodo and the Twilight Ringwraith are packed at about 3 of each to a case. Galadriel and the Prologue Elf are only 1 each to a case, so you should snap those up quick.
    Are any of you familiar with Michael's Review of the Week? I'll be doing a guest review for him later tonight on the four figures I picked up.
    Also, I recommend checking out the forums at for more details on the toys. And finally, have a look at this thread: I started on where you can see some pictures and some questions and answers about the new figures.

    Don't get angry at Toybiz for shortpacking Galadriel - if they hadn't done that, the retailers would never even attempt to sell her. I'm not sure why they shortpacked the Prologue Elf though, seems kinda dumb to me.
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    Found Series 3 Out in here Western Mass! That must mean it's everywhere else!
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    WHAT STORE??!?!!
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